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Feb 12, 2010 11:14 AM

Black currant (aka Cassis) soda, juice, or concentrate.

I grew up with black currant soda called (among other things) Cassis. It also came in a concentrated syrup that you could add to water or seltzer. Recently, I've had a strong craving for it but haven't found any yet. Anyone have any pointers? I'll take any form I can find it in to easy my winter blues.

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  1. I see ribena concentrate in Chinese supermarkets (Chinatown and Flushing) all the time. Myers in Greenwich Village has it too.

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      Zabar's has many flavored syrups, including casis - brand: Monin - in the room with the coffee.

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        Incidentally, Clinton Winery in upstate New York makes a lovely dessert wine of black currant. It has a beautiful bouquet and rich berry flavor, natural sweetness (not cloying).

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          Last but not least, Kee's Chocolate makes a wonderful cassis macaroon. You will surely find many ways to satisfy your craving in NY.

      2. Schaller & Weber on 2nd Ave neare 86th St carries the concentrates, and so does the Hungarian Market on 2nd Ave near 81st.

        1. Ribena concentrate can be found in Manhattan Chinatown supermarkets.

          1. Fairway carries several Black Currant drinks- including Ribena. I like "Premium Fresh Black Currant" by Philicon. They have a lot of juice flavors, but this one diluted with seltzer makes a great Cassis soda.

            1. IKEA sells a Black Currant sparkling juice, I think it is Kristian Regale, Swedish or something. It's pretty good.