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Feb 12, 2010 10:55 AM

Lu Din Gee

I have plans to got to Lu Din Gee tonight for Peking Duck. Now that I have read some of the previous comments on the LA Boards, i am having second thoughts. Any recent feedback to share? How about an alternative suggestion?

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  1. Do you mean Duck House on Atlantic Blvd? Lu Din Gee on Valley is long gone. I used to like it well enough. I haven't heard much great about Duck House - which may or may not be the same chef.

    1. Of course the restaurant located in Lu Din Gee's old location also serves Peking Duck, even though they otherwise serve Shanghai style food. Guess they're looking for leftovers from people still looking for Lu Din Gee at that location. They even call their place Tasty Duck. I do believe Duck House is the continuation of Lu Din Gee so you should go there.

      1. duck house is good. Sometimes the quality can vary. I think people tend to like the spare ribs there also.

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          Re: the duck- We ate there last night and I commented to my wife that it's consistently the same, always very good, based on eating it many times (always #1- w/ pancakes). We usually get 1 different dish each time,along w/ the duck. Those dishes have usually been good .
          I definitely recommend you go, and besides the duck try a dish w/ konnyaku (Chinese yam).
          As Chandavkl points out, go to Duck House not Tasty Duck. Based on 1 visit, Tasty Duck 's duck wasn't nearly as good as Duck House's.

          Don't forget to call at least 1 hour before to order the duck.


          Duck House (Lu Ding Ji)
          501 S Atlantic Blvd, Monterey Park, CA 91754

        2. Ended up going to Plum Tree Inn in Chinatown. I was very pleased. The Peking Duck was really good. We also got jellyfish app, a cornstarchy sweet shrimp dish, orange chicken, and some braised bok choy and mushrooms. The service was very good and the atmosphere relaxing.