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Feb 12, 2010 10:52 AM

Postino does brunch?

Please say this is relatively new, because as many times I've done lunch and happy hour there, I did not know until today that Postino served weekend brunch. The menu looks pretty good. Thinking of trying it out this weekend, at Postino Central. Done Maizie's Cafe enough times, so something different might be nice. Does anyone know if Postino does a good job at brunch?

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  1. I have not personally sampled the brunch menu yet, but I've heard from others I trust that it's good. I believe the Central location has a larger kitchen that has enabled Postino Central to do some things that Postino Arcadia has not.

    And, yes, it's new. Brunch service started in November.

    1. Haven't been to Postino in years, but if you want something different, you should check out the Mission on Sundays for their $16 pig roast (all you can eat tacos, about 6 salsas, onion, cilantro, lime etc). Pretty awesome bloody mary if you ask me. Huevos rancheros w/red chili pork is excellent as well. If you don't do the pig roast, ask for a side of the phantasma salsa (made w/pureed ghost chili). That's Sundays only, but they have a normal bunch menu both Sat & Sun. I was there last Sat and it looks like the menu hasn't been fully updated on the website (there are apepas and tortas not listed). Enjoy.

      1. Thanks for the replies! Though I've been meaning to get the Mission Sunday pig for a while now, we never seem to get to that part of town at the right time. Must do that soon. Also need to keep Postino Central brunch on the list for at least another week, as we won't be able to make it in time for brunch this week. In the meantime, if anyone does try their brunch, please do report.