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iso Speculoos spread

Does anyone know if you can buy Speculoos spread in Toronto? Even somewhere in Ontario would be okay. Would love a source closer to home instead of ordering it online from Belgian!

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  1. Have you tried Denninger's in the Hamilton area? Or maybe Dutch Dreams at St. Clair and Vaughan might carry it. Can't say I've seen it here yet. That said, I tried it for the first time in Leuven last October and frankly, I'd prefer to just eat the cookies.

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      I was at Dutch Dreams on the weekend and they didn't have it. They have Dutch Stroop but I think that is a different thing.

      Dutch Dreams
      78 Vaughan Rd, Toronto, ON M6C2L7, CA

    2. You can order the spread from biscoff.com. It should only take about 5 days to arrive

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        its not on their website anymore...which is a shame, since I have 1 jar of it (picked up in Antwerp) and it will disappear quickly.

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          I *think* the same stuff has just been renamed "Biscoff spread" through their US distributor ($12.95 for 2 jars).

      2. I just found Speculoos in Toronto, woohoo! Good news aside, it is still imported and costs way too much to feed my habit. It sells for $7.95+tax. Found it at the 'fine foods' store at the lower level of the Loblaws at St. Clair (near Spadina). Let me know if anyone has a better source. I also found it a while ago in a store in Montreal. I remember it being slightly cheaper there.

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          Finally! I've been having a friend in Montreal buy it there for me ($5.95 for smooth and $7 for crunchy). Now I can buy some myself!!! Thanks for the tip :)

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            Do any of you know which store your Montreal friends were getting it at? I'm a Montrealer and would really like to get my hands on some. Thanks!

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            Thanks! That's my Loblaws so I'll look for it the next time I'm there.

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              my dutch friend only seems to get theirs from spots outside of GTA, one being the village bakeshop in whitby. i'd be surprised though if there were multiple brands available in TO. it has a red label.

          3. Have you tried calling/emailing Holland Store on Weston Road, to see if they carry it? I think that's where my Dutch Cdn friends get some ingredients.

            Holland Store

            Sells food and other products imported from Holland

            2542 Weston Road, M9N 2A6


            Tel: 416-247-8659 Fax: 416-247-9131


            Niemeyer Imports http://www.niemeyerimports.com/ in Richmond Hill might be another place to check: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/1051...

            Holland Shop
            71 Mill St E, Acton, ON L7J1H4, CA

            Holland Store-Imported Dutch Food & Gifts
            2542 Weston Rd, Toronto, ON M9N2A6, CA

            1. Funny, I just found out about this stuff on Top Chef Just Desserts Season 2. I am watching the finale now and when I heard it mentioned as "tasting kind of like peanut butter" I was curious to see where I could get it around here. And voila, a thread on CH.

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                its a disservice to say it tasted like peanut butter.
                it literally tastes like crushed digestive cookies. its amazing.
                in Belgium, they'll spread it on bread with chocolate sprinkles and eat it for breakfast (!!!).
                we brought a jar back and ate from it slowwwwly so it wouldn't go to waste (that and curry ketchup)

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                  Yeah, I did some more research after posting that and I am not sure why the guy said "tastes like peanut butter". Maybe he said "it is like peanut butter" and meant in terms of texture and I misunderstood not knowing anything about it. Definitely going to take a look for it when I am out and about now.

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                    Finally got around to picking up the Speculoos spread at the chocolate store in Forest Hill Loblaws. I am hooked! The texture of the crunchy one is great. Finally found an alternative to peanut butter for children's lunch. PS.......the hot chocolate at this store was to die for.

              2. I saw a display of Speculoos spreads and biscuits at McEwan today. The table was near the deli.

                They brand was Lotus, original or crunchy for $7.99 (380 - 400g).


                1. there is a distributor of many Dutch foods in Burlington, called Custan Foods. I did a quick scan of his website, and he has a lot of Speculaas products- not sure if there was a spread in there or not. Here is the link- if he wont sell directly, he will at least be able to tell you where he sells the product you want in to.


                  Good luck!

                  1. They have it at Leonidas' Danforth location. It was Speculoos not Biscoff (I don't know if these two brands are actually the same product). I've had the latter and it tastes like what it is, an oil-based spread. The kids loved it, it's decent but in the end something I can live without. The butter-based cookies that PC used to import I loved.

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                      The Leonidas outpost at Bayview Village has it too (Lotus brand). Just bought some last week.
                      Lurrrve it.