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Feb 12, 2010 09:53 AM

Frosted Cupcakery - Hollywood

I was in Los Angeles for a couple of days earlier this week and came across Frosted Cupcakery on the corner of Highland and Lexington in Hollywood. They have parking so I pulled in, despite my usual dislike of non-homemade cupcakes as I find them to be too sweet. These cupcakes were AWESOME. Not too sweet at all - they tasted like homemade, yet elevated.

I stopped by the following day and during my two visits, I had the chocolate with peanut butter (twice), the chocolate with chocolate and chocolate with mint chip. All were great and believe me, it's tripping me out as a grown man to be getting this excited about cupcakes.

Nice staff, great cupcakes and all they need is a Kogi truck parked out front.

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