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Feb 12, 2010 09:02 AM

Catered Breakfast for 50 Students on the Cheap...

A tall order, I know.

Does anyone have suggestions as to great caterers who might be able to do a breakfast for approximately 50 graduate students for under $250?

We are on an extremely tight budget (and even the $250 is a bit on the high side as we're paying for the venue ourselves also), but any suggestions would be appreciated. We considered doing the whole Costco blitz, but something nicer, warmer and fresher than bulk muffins and substandard croissants would be ideal.

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  1. $250 would buy croissants, muffins, cheese slices, cold cuts, fruit and vegetable trays, juice, and milk from the source you mentioned.
    No caterer will touch this.
    Or you could go as a group to a large McDonald's for an egg McMuffin, potato wedge and coffee.

      1. re: garfield

        Not sure how you're figuring the prices at Summerhill. But given the per person cost listed on that page, the cheapest option is more than double the OP's budget.