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Feb 12, 2010 08:54 AM

Hopeless? Decent Chinese in Midwood?

My local Chinese carryout (Ave. M near Ocean) has a few ok soups and some passable noodles, but overall, I'd give it a C-plus. Are there any other Chinese places in Midwood worth ordering from? At this point, I'd be grateful for B-minus!

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  1. We sometimes use the New Green House...not great, but probably better than the place you mentioned:

    1. Have you tried the relatively new place on Ave M between 17th and 18th?
      Masake - 1704 Ave M.
      It's one of those Chinese/Thai/Japanese places, which I usually don't favor, but I've had some decent food from them-especially the pad woo sen (#79). They also have bubble tea.
      It's nice enough that you could eat in if you wanted-not huge, but decent.
      Once again, I'm not saying this is the best you'll ever have, but it's a step up from what's generally available.

      1. I assume that none of the Ave U places are close enough?