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Feb 12, 2010 08:33 AM

Any recs for huge family runion dinner in fort lauderdale?

My grandmother is turnng 90 in May so my whole extended family (about 14 people) are celebrating. Italian or American food would probably be best. One of my aunts is super duper picky (and famous for sending things back to the kitchen when she doesn't like them). any recs?

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  1. I used to plan a number of dinners for a physician group in lauderdale and mostly used restaurants with private rooms..... I think the private room would be the best idea given that some of the people are elderly and maybe a more quiet ambiance would be best. Great quality american style food with a private room would probably be Cafe Maxx. Its not cheap but the restaurant is one of the finest in the area and should work well for an older crowd.

    Timpanos on Las Olas has a couple of private rooms and does a few things exceptionally well. The roasted mussels appetizer is one of the best mussel dishes of all time. They do steaks and chicken and fish. Sometimes, giant lobsters that they will shell out for you. Still, not as good as Cafe Maxx.

    If you want to do a steak house with a private room, consider Morton's in Boca. They opened one up in Ft. Lauderdale but don't know if they have a private room. Ruth Chris Steak house has a private room as does Shula's and they are all good quality, consistent restaurants.

    There are some great Italian places in Ft. Lauderale such as Casa d'Angelo. By far my favorite. Don't know if they have a private room but their food is truly awesome.

    Hopefully some of this helps!

    1. I think Raboi makes solid rec's; however, for an older crowd, I think Brooks in Lighthouse Point may be a good pick. Their food is good, prices reasonable, and they seem to cater to just the type of group you're talking about. However, I think your group may be too small for their "smaller private" room.

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        Thanks for your suggestions....however we spoke with grandma and she's asking for lobster for her birthday. Socan we expand the restaurant suggestions to seafood?

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          The best seafood in Ft. Lauderdale is probably 3030 Ocean which does have a private room and of course, Lobster....

          Timpanos as I mentioned above does a great deshelled lobster and I cannot stress strongly enough how awesome their smoked smoked mussels are.

          Morton's in Boca has Lobster on their menu and has private dining. The website for Morton's for Ft. Lauderdale also says they have a private room and has Lobster. Most highclass steak joints have private rooms and do lobster also.... so their clientelle can get the surf and turf

          I would really look into Truluck's. Small chain with two in SE Florida... Boca Raton and Ft. Lauderdale. REALLY liked the Boca restaurant last year at a dinner party. They have private rooms at both locations and I would bet they have lobster on their menu.

          If you want to head farther north into Boca, check out Chop's Lobster bar. Obviously, they have lobster on the menu. Very good seafood as told to me by friends as I have never been there. Don't know about a private room. Definitely a place to be "Seen" in Boca.