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Feb 12, 2010 08:33 AM

Romantic type lunch in Newport, RI??

HI Everyone,
Due to scheduling conflicts--we are going to celebrate Valentine's Day by going out to lunch on Wednesday. I'm looking for a nice restaurant in Newport---specifically with seafood and a waterview. It will be a bit of a splurge, but we're not looking to break the bank.
Any reccomendations??


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  1. Has the Black Pearl opened up again for the season? Give them a call. Otherwise you can go to the Mooring. It can be pricey if you don't order carefully. The Barking Crab is open now too and has good seafood at decent prices. You're not right on the water there, but you can see it across America's Cup Avenue! There is also a restaurant out on Goat Island that sits right on the water in the middle of the marina. I forget what it is called...the Bluefin? something like that. Do a google search for Newport restaurants and it will show up.

    1. Try the Mooring ask to be seated on the porch overlooking the harbor. Dont recommend the Black Pearl way over rated.......... The Chandler House may be open

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        Castle Hill or Chanler would be the most "romantic"

        In town, The Mooring has a nice view of the water and has good seafood. A few other places in the harbor area aren;t usually open for lunch but might be this week because of winter fest. Cooke House, 22 Bowens

      2. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! We ended up going to the Mooring--it definitely was what I was looking for. We got there at 2, and there was still enough people around to make it feel alive. Sat by the water. I'd say the food was good--not great--but very good. The waitstaff was perfect and the atmosphere was really nice--upscale seafood, without being stuffy.
        It made the afternoon. Thanks again!!