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Feb 12, 2010 08:29 AM

The Tap Room in Pacific Beach Valentine's Weekend

The Tap Room on Garnet Ave. in Pacific Beach will be tapping a cask of Alesmith's My Bloody Valentine, a seasonal specialty ale, this Saturday, February 13th at 4pm. Pints are $4.50 until 7pm. They offer a food pairing off their menu at a 10% discount for those enjoying the cask as well.

They appear to also offer a rotational cask every Wednesday with the same details.

Has anyone been before, and if so, was the food pairing worthwhile?

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  1. I'm definitely a fan of the Tap Room. They usually have a decent selection of rarer local stuff on tap (including Alpine and Port), and I really like the food as far as bar food goes.

    It's definitely a college crowd type of joint, and as such the servers/bartenders/patrons are usually all college-age PB locals. As a consequence, the staff doesn't tend to know all that much about the beers they're serving. But that's okay for me, because I usually know what I want.

    A minor word of warning, even though the beers on their list can be impressive, you never know how long they've been on there, since most of the kids are probably going for the commercial beers and wider-known stuff. I've had some great pints there, and I've had some "stale" ones as well. But, the same can be said for experiences at any bar in town. Even on a good day, a pint of Pure Hoppiness at O'Briens can still taste off.

    But I think the food there is some of the best "bar grub" in town, for my taste. No, it's not organic or farm to table, like Ritual, Toronado, etc.. But it's also not the burnt/greasy mess that a lot of the stuff on Hamilton's menu is (how I miss that short-lived "premium" menu there). I have no complaints with the pizzas, and I think the sub sandwiches are great. Their cheesesteak and sausage sandwiches are just what I'm looking for when having a nice hoppy IPA. Something to be said about being able to get some good beers and be able to sit in a place where a server comes to your table. As far as I know, they're one of the very few bars in town serving that kind of beer where you don't have to order from the bar or go pick up your food at a window.

    All that being said, I think I'd be as likely to go here with a date for Valentine's Day as I would going to any other bar in town. If you're playing it realllllly casual, go for it. But if you're looking for a nice sit down, of course it's not that type of place.

    1. I was there once for beer, about 2 years ago, and never returned. Possibly unfair, but the beer tasted pretty bad - like the lines hadn't been cleaned in a while. Could have been an aberration, but living so close to Hamilton's I never had a reason to go back.

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        I don't go there often (maybe twice a year), but I've noticed that problem with some of their beers as well (likely for the reason cookieshoes notes about the demographic). They do have by far the coolest website for telling you what beer is on tap though as it updates automatically and gives the % left.

      2. I go for the Wednesday cask pretty regularly, but I've never had the food pairing. I think they just pick one of their standard apps.

        They do a good job with their casks. If you go, go because you're interested in the cask, not for the food (which is competent bar food, but nothing special).

        1. Blind Lady Alehouse is also serving My Bloody Valentine along with other Alesmith drafts. And the food is definitely good. :) Just in case you wanted other options, CJ.

          1. Thank you all for the great feedback. I am going to the Tap Room tomorrow for two reasons.

            1. $4.50 pints of My Bloody Valentine

            2. It is walking distance to my Condo (or should I say stumbling distance).

            I'm not planning on taking a date there for Valentine's cookieshoes, that might be a little too casual, well, unless I met her outside of the Alanon Club on Cass St. and she'd just fallen off the wagon.

            I have no doubt that the food is better at BLA geeky, but that would make for one hell of a walk home, lol.