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Feb 12, 2010 08:16 AM

Couple winter weeks in Outer Banks, NC

I'm house sitting (by myself) for a few weeks near Nag's Head. I am aware that some places have winter hours, possibly meaning NO hours. But that's OK as the locals must eat SOMEwhere, right? I'm game for any type of good food. Thanks from the banks!

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  1. Lucky you. I love the Banks in winter. I have friends who love Kill Devil Grill. And try SAm and Omie's, a lcal favorite for decades.

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    1. re: Sue in Mt P

      Thanks Sue. Maybe I can catch Sam & Omie's the first couple days in March if they've reopened. I'll look into the grill. I dined at Blue Moon Beach Grill and Food Dudes and both were very good.

      1. re: SweetPea

        I CAN spell, I cannot type, lol!
        Another one we enjoyed last time I was there was Rundown Cafe. Very festive.

        I have a friend who's at Kitty Hawk now. She told me yesterday that it can be hit or miss, so you may want to call before going out. The Banks can get cold!!!

        1. re: Sue in Mt P

          Tortuga Lie. Excellent local place. Mile marker 12ish on the Beach Road.

        2. re: SweetPea

          About Blue Moon Beach Grill... I had a dinner special that was crabcakes, grilled caesar, carmelized onions, a few halved cherry tomatoes and a grilled lemon half. Grilled caesar? Wow! They took a head of romaine and cut it in half lengthwise and put it on the grill. They served it with shaved parmesan, crutons and a light, light drizzle of dressing. It had a delicious smokiness to it and was slightly warm. Loved it! The crabcakes had just (and I mean just) enough breading to hold the lumps of sweet crabmeat together to make a cake. Perfectly browned to a light outer crispness. Wonderful! I was treated so I didn't notice the price.

          About Food Dudes....I had a special of rockfish taco with beans and rice. The rockfish chunks were fried and had a nice crunch around the tender meat served with the usual taco fixings which were nice & fresh. The (pinto?)beans and rice had a nice spicy flavor. Small place and busy I thought- for a mid week Feb. lunch. I'm thinking $10?

      2. I had a terrible meal at Tortugas Lie last January. If you do go there, please report back...I'd be very interested in hearing what you think.

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        1. re: carolinadawg

          Not to dispute your experience and your particular meal, but I've been going to Tortuga Lie for over ten years, and for the Outer Banks, it's a much better than average restuarant.

          1. re: Fu Dee

            In that case the Outer Banks must be overrun with below average restaurants.

            1. re: Fu Dee

              2nd, and it's quirky and homey, with so many locals.

            2. re: carolinadawg

              I did see Tortugas Lie and turned around to give it a shot. But on second thought, turned around again and continued on to Kill Devil Grill. It was bustling and I sat at the diner-like counter by preference (friendly sort) and had a delightful fresh catch lunch special. Blackened cobia over white beans with salsa and arugula. Delish, nice portion for $12. The man beside me had fried shrimp with slaw and grilled veggies which he obviously enjoyed.

              1. re: SweetPea

                Goombays and Run Down Cafe are good bets

            3. The Blue Point in Duck and Collington Cafe in Kill Devil Hills are two of the best down there imo. Not sure of their winter hours but both are worth a shot for sure.

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              1. re: usa87

                I am originally from that area and I'll second the nod to Blue Point, pretty sure they are open all season too.

              2. Rundown Cafe's menu is not too exciting but the food is good; try their rundown soup with coconut milk and sweet potatoes and an order of garlic good together.