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Feb 12, 2010 07:17 AM

Bombay Club

I am guessing I just missed this, but I see that Pho Republique is now Bombay Club.

I assume it's the Harvard Square Bombay Club, right? Did they move or is this a second outpost.

I need to keep my eyes open more.

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  1. They moved--they left Harvard Square a couple months ago. I think the new place is supposed to have a bit more inventive menu.

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    1. I have to comment, I ate here a couple weeks ago at the lunch buffet and their saag was...weird. Actually pretty gross, not just weird. I think they had pureed broccoli into it which made it develop this very, very bitter medicinal undertone. I usually love saag, but this was yech. *shivers*

      1. Went there a few weeks ago and was very disappointed. I was never a big fan of the H Square location (preferred many other H Square Indian places to Bombay Club), but thought I'd give it a try since it's so close to my place. The ambience is very weird. The crowd was pretty subdued, but they were playing this loud techno music that had me wondering if they had a Mantra-like idea to morph the restaurant into a club as the evening went on. The music just didn't jive with anything else about the place. The bartender did not know what a French 75 was. And the waiter did not know what pakoras were. As for the food itself, we split an order of chicken tikka masala, and I didn't care for it. The sauce is too tomato-y for my liking (I remember this from the old location, but thought maybe it had changed). When we want Indian food in the South End, we will be going to Mela.

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          Haven't actually eaten here yet but haven't felt very motivated to do so. Prices are expensive for Indian $12+ for entrees. Atmosphere looks pretty bare bones, sort of like they moved right in after Pho left and didn't spend any time redecorating at all.
          I've been to Mela and enjoyed meals in as well as takeout. Nice atmosphere, good service, classic indian dishes. It's expensive though, so I was hoping Bombay Club would move in and offer some more reasonable prices... Not the case at all, so there's nothing compelling me to visit this place vs Mela.

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            Pretty good review in the Globe ( today, although the service and cleanliness (which I neglected to mention, despite having to look at a dirty napkin under a clean table throughout my meal) were not addressed...but the weird music and overall ambience was. I also think Indian restaurants across the board need better beverage programs and bartenders. Why do they only know how to make a few super-sweet, "specialty" "martinis" and nothing else?