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Feb 12, 2010 07:06 AM

Kitchen Aid stand mixer attachments

I was thinking of getting some of these.. specifically.. the meat grinder and sausage stuffer and ravioli maker..

Anyone have experience with these? is it worth it?


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  1. The meat grinder and sausage stuffer are great, as are the pasta rollers.

    I'm also curious about the ravioli maker.

    1. Try to get an older model meat grinder (with the wooden pusher) if you see one in stores. The newer ones have problems with the blade scraping the plate and depositing metal shavings into the food. I returned my newer model for an older model for this very reason. Other people have experienced it too; check the KitchenAid forums and Amazon reviews.

      I don't have the ravioli maker but I hear it sucks. The reviews on Amazon are pretty bad too. There used to be a video on Williams-Sonoma's web site and the woman in the video even seemed to find it awkward to use.

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        That's helpful. Thanks for the info.

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          I have one that's perhaps three y.o. with the plastic "pusher" and have had no such problems. I grind meat pretty regularly for a household of just two.

        2. My experience with the meat grinder is that I would die of old age before a pound of lamb went through the thing.

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            Really? I can do five or six pounds of beef or pork (haven't done lamb yet) as fast as I can cut it into feed tube size. I'll be making 10# of ground 7-bone chuck today.

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              Are you certain that you are both installing the blade and seating it properly? I grind lamb with some regularity and have never had a problem. See the discussion here that sounds similar to what you're describing:


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                Oh, I loved that thread. And my husband just reminded me today about it.

                Pikawicca, I just ground the meat from 2, approx. 5# each, 7-bone chuck roasts. The last few times, my husband and I work as a team where he cuts the meat up in pieces the approx. size of the feed tube and I do the grinding. I looked at my watch - just for you :) - when we started the first roast and it took about 5 minutes! I have to believe that something's wrong somewhere. I'm too old to lose that much of my life to grinding meat )

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                  As I was writing the post above I had difficulty remembering that that part is actually called the blade, since after the aforementioned thread it will always, in my heart, be "the X thingie."

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                    For Bob and me also. The best part is she figured out what we were talking about :)

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                    It's assembled properly, basically the same as my mother's old manual model, which works much better for me. I was really frustrated with the KA, and was sorely tempted to throw it out the kitchen window.

              2. I made pasta with a friend using her Kitchenaid and it did a first rate job -- and much easier than my hand cranked Atlas machine. But I've never seen a good review of ravioli attachments for the KA or any other device. I haven't used the KA meat grinder, but you can tell from it's diameter that it will have a slow output compared to a stand alone grinder (that might not be a big deal if you only do 2 or 3 pound batches).

                One thing to consider is the price of the KA grinder attachment is almost as much as a basic stand alone grinder from Northerntool.com or other online source. If you expect to do a lot of grinding and have room to store another small appliance, I recommend the stand alone grinder.

                1. I have the ravioli maker, it sucks. It is the only kitchenaid attachment I don't like. I am not alone; look it up on Amazon and read the reviews.

                  It isn't even powered by the kitchenaid, it just screws into the kitchenaid and uses the mixer as a very expensive anchor while you crank it. I received it as a gift. I went into Wm. Sonoma for a demonstration and still could not work it. The pasta doesn't seal. The filling hopper jams. It makes me swear.

                  I have the pasta roller and the very new pasta press (tube pasta extruder). I love the pasta roller, and the pasta press is the best extruder I've ever tried, though some of the pasta is a little thickish. I have the meat grinder, sausage stuffer, pasta cutter and ice cream maker, too. I would recommend any of those. I love how the ice cream maker works, but I also like the idea of it. I have the attachment in the freezer and I don't have to have an ice cream maker sitting around taking up space-- the kitchenaid is the motor. In short, I love all of the attachments I have except the ravioli maker. If I hadn't received it as a gift I would've returned it.