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Homemade corned beef hash in NJ

Does anyone have any good recommendations for fresh, homemade corned beef hash in NJ? Every place I've been to in the state seems to serve the canned stuff.

I'd prefer spots in northeastern NJ (Bergen/Hudson/Passaic/Essex/Union), but anywhere in the state is fine if the hash is homemade and really special.

Also, I'm ok with any setting - diners, pubs, casual restaurants, or more upscale establishments.

The only place I know of that *might* serve homemade corned beef hash is Tops Diner in East Newark. Can anyone verify this?

Also, what about Mastoris Diner in Bordentown? I figure that they might be a candidate.

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  1. The only two places I can recall from reading reviews.......

    The Summit Diner in Summit and The OB Diner in Point Pleasant.

    The Original Pancake House also makes their own. They have locations in Fort Lee, Bloomfield and East Hanover.


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      Two more options......one person's favorite and possibly the New Jersey's most expensive offering



    2. PBS chef Michael Colameco swears by the Summit Diner; I'm not a corned beef guy, but my kids love it.

      1. Hightstown Diner's corned beef hash was featured on Diners DriveIns & Dives or a similar show. We went after seeing the show and I have to agree it was very good. Not sure if it was homemade as it was a year ago. Maybe someone from the area can confirm. Nothing fancy here. Just your basic small town diner.

        1. Thanks for the great tips, guys. I'll definitely add them to my list of places to check out.

          I had no idea that the Summit Diner served homemade corned beef hash. I've been there before but never thought about ordering it. I wouldn't have expected the Original Pancake House to make their own, either; I've heard iffy reviews about that chain so I kind of just dismissed them outright.

          Hightstown Diner sounds really good - right up my alley. Next time I'm travelling between NYC and Philly, I'll have to stop in.

          The $23 hash at Elements in Princeton is pricey, but it sounds like it's worth the splurge.

          I wonder why northeastern NJ doesn't seem to have many spots serving this dish (other than the Summit Diner, Original Pancake House, and possibly Tops Diner)? Seems like virtually every town has its own diner, so you'd figure that more spots would make it properly.

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            There are probably more places that make CBHash in house than have been mentioned here thus far. The Tick Tock may actually make it in house as well, but I cannot say for sure....

            While I understand many's apprehension with Chain Restaurants in principle, the one's that offer breakfast are generally pretty good and better than many independent diners from my experience. Traveling up and down the East Coast, I've been to more than dozen different operations and with specifications set on a corporate level, standards must be kept. I've never received bad food for breakfast, even at Denny's or Wags in the Southeast, but I have received many poor quality breakfast plates here in Northern New Jersey from independent diners....broken egg yolks, bad home fries and burnt toast. Using specifications as an example, You may find whipped butter pats/plastic portions, in a chain, but you will never find margarine accompanying your toast or pancakes,

            With regards to The Original Pancake House, I have eaten at both the Bloomfield and East Hanover locations and I can tell you they are both solid places for breakfast. I do not know what you have heard or read, but the whole concept of the place is quality ingredients with proprietary recipes. All of their breakfast meats are either made in house or cured specifically for them. I believe The Cracker Barrel also makes all their breakfast items in the same manner as well,.....from their sausage, biscuits and Chicken Fried Steaks....to their Potato & Cheese Hash Brown casserole.

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              The Tick Tock Diner makes their CBH by opening a can. Went there recently and my brother's omelet was dry as a bone. This has to be one of the most overrated diners in NJ.

              I second the vote for Original Pancake House, their CBH is very good.

              Tick Tock Diner
              281 Allwood Rd, Clifton, NJ 07012

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                Agree with you on both points wblorch. The tick tock is an average jersey diner, at best. we went after guy fieri stopped there on one of his shows and were not wowed in the least. The original pancake house (can only speak for fort lee) is fantastic.

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              After seeing this pic, I now remember why we liked the hash at Hightstown Diner. Perfection on a plate! : )


            3. What about some of the real-deal Jewish delis, like Eppes Essen or Livingston Bagel (both in Livingston)?

              1. One more place to add to the list would be Skylark Diner on Rt. 1 in Edison. I haven't been there myself, but an internet search indicates that they do offer homemade hash.

                Also, the Skylark has apparently upgraded their menu in the past year. They brought in Craig Shelton of the now-shuttered Ryland Inn as a guest chef/consultant to spruce up the menu and offer some atypical dishes for a diner such as grilled lamb chops with fennel salad, Thai roasted garlic shrimp, and Vietnamese grilled chicken.


                1. I TRAVEL 25 MILES TO THE ORIGINAL PANCAKE HOUSE in Whippany, JUST FOR THEIR great HOME made Corn beef hash

                  1. Red Oak Diner in Hazlet on Route 35 North has really good homeade cbh.

                    1. After driving past Amy's Omelette's on Route 130 in Burlington about a million times, and hearinv about how they have over 1000 omelette's on the menu, I felt compelled to stop there as we were running errands yesterday. Was sitting at the stoplight, staring this place in the eye, and I asked Zelda if she wanted to try it. Needless to say, she was down for it!

                      After looking at the menu, the 1000 omelettes is indeed a myth, however, they do have 220 omelettes on the menu, which is equally impressive! Goodness the menu is HUGE! Regardless, I saw the corned beef hash on the menu, remembered this thread, and figured I would give it a whirl.

                      Cut and pasted from our blog (http://jerseyfoodies.blogspot.com): "I went for the two eggs, with homemade hash, home style potatoes, and white toast. I ordered my eggs over medium, and this gives them some nice firmness, yet gives it enough warm yolk to dunk my toast in! YUM! The eggs were absolutely perfect!

                      The hash was nice, and one of my biggest gripes with corned beef has is that the meat always takes over the potatoes, and is always so wet and smashed, that the meat doesn't seem cooked. This was not the case at all, and I really liked the ratio of meat to potato. One thing however that the hash could have used was better seasoning, but once I added some salt and pepper, it was really nice.

                      The home style potatoes had some nice onion and green pepper elements, but I would have preferred them left in the pan to cook for another 10 minutes to give them a nice crisp and crunch. For most people however, these might be perfect! The toast was nice, and came out pre-buttered. It was perfect to use to absorb my runny eggs yolks! YUM!"

                      So, that said, the hash would have been perfect had they just added some simple salt and pepper. The portion was massive, and I really liked the potato to meat ratio. Would I go back for these? I think so, but next time, I think I will try one of the many omelette's on their menu! Cheers! -mJ

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                        Sounds great, but I have a nit to pick with you. Why waste the eggs on the toast? Put them over the hash. Yum!

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                          The eggs did indeed go over the hash, but I do love dipping my toast in the runny egg yolks! YUM YUM YUM! -mJ

                      2. Had very good homemade CBH at the Rutherford Waffle House on Park this morning, with perfect poached eggs and great crisp chunky home fries. Even their whole wheat toast was good. Very enjoyable.

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                          Just a small correction: It's the Rutherford Pancake House......and I agree, the homemade hash is really good.

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                            Oops, had waffles on the brain because my husband had them and said they were great too.

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                              :) Waffles will have that effect on you!

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                                Him especially, a waffle man from way back. How are their burgers, etc?

                        2. Almost hate to give away my little secret place, but Doc's Kitchen in Denville NJ makes homemade CB hash, the best I've ever had. It is a bit on the dry side, which is just how I like it. When it's too slimy it reminds me of dog food. Besides the homemade hash, they have homemade bread which they use to make their french toast and they always have some fantastic pancake and french toast specials.

                          The place is TINY, and there is ALWAYS a wait on a weekend. There's no place to stand and wait inside so if it's cold out, dress accordingly. Also, the service can be slow and/or grumpy but it's so worth it. I had peach melba french toast there that still makes my mouth water thinking about it.


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                            Anyone have a place near Edison/New Brunswick?

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                              ezsmitty, I finally got to Doc's yesterday for breakfast! We did not have the hash because we were sucked in by the pancakes. I had multigrain with blueberries - crunchy, moist & tasty. My husband had the special apple oatmeal pancakes, which were also delicious. My only mistake was ordering two of these ginormous plate-size pancakes! There was a wait, not bad since there was only two of us. I'm still not sure if you're supposed to wait to be seated (as the sign says), or grab one that's available (as most folks were doing). I will be back, but it doesn't replace the Boonton Diner for me - their menus are very different. Thanks for the tip!

                            2. The very best is @ Kelly,s Neptune City !! Home made hash ..this place is the KING of cornbeef for the last 50 years