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Feb 12, 2010 06:40 AM

In Search of Great Food That's not overhyped

Planned to go to Bazaar, but have read so many average reviews--I don't want to be ripped off...will I? Also thought of Animal, but again many average reviews... Need recs for a restaurant west of Downtown, great food and ambiance...Does any place come to mind --originally desired tapas style, but open to anything. Any help will be much appreciated!

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  1. Well, what places have you gone to that you liked?

    1. im surprised Animal got "average reviews"... i'd say the dishes at animal are very unique and creative.

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        Animal would have been my first suggestion.

      2. I think if there is someplace you have an interest in trying, then you should try it. Your taste is your taste. The opinions of the peanut gallery (myself included) are only opinions - they are not the gospel. I say this because both Bazaar and Animal get some rave reviews, too. If you don't try them, how will you know? Only you can say, after you've eaten at a restaurant, whether or not it is overhyped. My suggestion is to try any restaurants that pique your interest. Who knows what you'll discover? Then you can tell us all about it here and we can say that you're overhyping it! LOL