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Feb 12, 2010 06:37 AM

Callebaut chocolate

I am looking for fine chocolate for baking purposes. Does anyone know where Callebaut can be purchased in the New Hampshire seacoast area?


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  1. Don't know about NH, but most Whole Foods sell bulk Callebaut in their chocolate sections. In western MA, we also can find it at Stop & Shop markets.

    1. I buy the 5 kilo bars (size of a doormat) at Micucci's in Portland--for a mere $40 for the bittersweet. Associated Buyers in Barrington, NH, also sells the huge bars, if you can find a buying club that buys from them. I don't think you can just order individually.

      1. if you have a good relationship with a local restaurant, ask them to order u a block from their broadline distributor. Otherwise, Whole foods is the best bet.