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Feb 12, 2010 06:05 AM

Valentine's Day Brunch - Beehive, Clink, Other?

I am looking for a nice brunch in a nice, (not stuffy) atmosphere. Maybe even some music?
I have never been to either the Beehive or Clink - can anyone comment on brunch at either of these?

Or other suggestions in Cambridge or Boston? I do like a fairly traditional brunch menu, with a good amount of breakfast options, maybe with some intersting flourishes. Price is open. I am not a fan of prie fix meals, and prefer to order off the menu at random.

Appricate any ideas.

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  1. I've had some lovely brunch experiences at Blue Room and Henrietta's Table in Cambridge. However, they are both buffet style but seriously amazing. Personally, I'm taking my boyfriend to East Coast Grill, which is incredibly casual but I've loved dining their for dinner and am looking forward to it!

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      Brunch at East Coast Grill is very good. The make your own bloody mary bar is fun. If you are leaning towards the lunch side of brunch I would suggest the fish tacos.