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Feb 12, 2010 04:59 AM

Sans-Souci Restaurant, Meriden CT.

I'm planning a birthday dinner for about 8-10 people. Has anyone heard of Sans Souci? The prices seem excellent but it looks dated as far as decor and atmosphere. This birthday is for someone who will be 25. I am also interested in Trumbull Kitchen in Hartford. Anyone with any advise please share!

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  1. I haven't eaten there yet, I only dropped in last month to check out there menu. I was driving up the Berlin Tpke for the first time in ages, and was surprised to see this place, having never noticed it before, with the parking lot absolutely packed.

    I don't normally trust first impressions, but here's mine: If you're an aging baby boomer, your parents will absolutely love this place.

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      The Sans Souci is a gem of a restaurant with well prepared American dishes at reasonable prices. They have a couple of back rooms for private parties of varying sizes.
      It is an old Howard Johnsons building and you could call the decor somewhat dated. For an older person, you couldn't pick a better spot for a birthday party. For a 25 year old it is probably too sedate.

    2. En route from NYC to Boston, we got hungry as we passed through Meriden and ended up at the Sans Souci. It is truly a page out of the past: the decor hasn't changed in forty years and the hosts' clothing and hairstyles haven't either. The place was packed on a Tuesday evening and our waitress, who was friendly and helpful, told us that 90 per cent of the guests there that evening were "regulars" who come every Tuesday and know each other. Average age: 60 years old.

      The food was really quite good: baked scrod was a page out of a sixties cookbook, the pasta in vodka sauce was al dente and the sauce was right and the linguini with clam sauce was packed with fresh clams. There are $11.95 specials every night. Portions are immense and dinners include salad, soup and dessert. You'll end up taking some of your dinner with you.

      You could do a lot worse than to stop here on your way through Central Connecticut.