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Feb 11, 2010 09:09 PM

Ethiopian/ Moroccan in Baltimore or Baltimore Suburbs?

I'm looking for a good "ethnic" restaurant, preferably Ethiopian or Moroccan, in or around Baltimore. While food is important, I would really love a great atmosphere and ambiance. Do you know of any places, or are most of them in DC? thanks so much for your help!

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  1. No Moroccan. Elfegne Cafe is good, but no atmosphere. Dukem on Maryland Ave has some atmosphere, definitely better on their 2nd floor if it is open. (Call first). Also try their locally made Ethiopian style wine to put you in the mood!

    1. What makes a "good atmosphere" in your opinion? I love the Carlyle Club in Balitmore, which is Indian. It's a warm cozy place, with intimate booths. If you're looking for that type of atmosphere (rather an upbeat, lively place), it's a great choice. And if you like crab, definitely try the crab appetizer!

      1. Dukem is hit or miss for ambiance. They sat me under some stairs once, but the week before that I had a wonderful first date there. Definitely ask to be seated upstairs. Also you might try Helmand for afghani food. It's fairly peaceful every time I go in there.