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Feb 11, 2010 07:58 PM

Help Please. Need ideas for side dishes (easy please) for short ribs

Making a special Valentine's meal (I am a bit nervous never having made short ribs before.) But, I am confident that I can follow a recipe provided by a friend who is fabulous cook.

I would like to serve a nice salad, but what other sides that are simple would a nice pairing?

Thank you

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  1. polenta or mashed potatoes. both easy, classic pairings with short ribs.

    and if you want a green veg in addition to the salad, sauteed swiss chard.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Great suggestions! To fancy up the mashed potatoes without complicating things, maybe add some mashed celery root. I was going to say Jerusalem artichoke, but those are such a pain to peel.

      I've never done swiss chard, but I like pine nuts in other sauteed greens sometimes, for a little texture.

      1. re: novelgazer

        I love Jerusalem artichoke, but they may not be the best for a romantic meal. It can create some embarrassing intestinal issues for some.

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          him: "what was that? I heard something!"
          her: "huh? *I* didn't hear anything."
          him: "oh *yes i did*!"


        2. re: goodhealthgourmet

          Swiss chard and polenta is a great combo - I had it at a restaurant with some (very overpoweringly smokey) sausages.

        3. I love polenta/grits with short ribs. And I'd go for a green veggie that will have maintain some texture - like fresh green beans or brussel sprouts.

          1. simple roasted cauliflower is a whole different animal than unroasted. superb with just salt & pepper (so, guilt-free).

            plus, you gotta have potatoes.

            instead of a salad, i'd like green beans, maybe with a warm lemon vinaigrette, depending on what the ribs are braised with.... (you need some crunch on the plate, so avoid all soft veggies).

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            1. re: alkapal

              avoid having every veggie be a soft veggie, i meant.

            2. Well, _how_ are you braising the short ribs?
              Off the top, I'd pick asparagus (good prices right now - just snagged 8 pounds from Fresh & Easy - pencil thin - at 50 cents a pound, last night!)
              roasted parnips - any root, really - and be generous in the serving of it, too.
              What you're braising the short ribs with would matter in final selection IMHO.
              For green side - if not liking long asparagus, or whole green beans - to keep the phallic going - maybe some kale? Kale is _so_ yummy & beautiful right now...

              1. Braise some leeks along with the short ribs. Just about any root vegetables work very nicely added to the braise as well.