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Feb 11, 2010 07:54 PM

Tuscaloosa, Here We Come !

we are visiting the universtiy of alabama this weekend to check out the campus, the school, and the environment......i would appreciate a few restaurant suggestions, including a vegetarian choice if possible......looking forward to experiencing some local specialties in the area......thanx in advance.......

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  1. Not vegetarian, by fedinition, but Archibald's in northport is the stand out. Many people recommend Ramer Jamer..I've not been there but a great friend on the faculty there touts it.

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      1. If you're a Tide fan you probably need to go to Rammer Jammer. It's by the stadium and full of memorabilia.

        Note** I have not been here. Mrs. Sippi is a huge Tide fan and is dying to go. All the people she talks to say it's great though.


        1. Tuscaloosa local specialities are not at theri best when it comes to vegetarian restaurants. You can get wonderful vegetables there at Maggies and the 15th St diner or at teh City cafe and Bill's (wonderful cornbread) in Northport, but the vegetables are wonderful largely because they're cooked with pork. And you can get great steaks at Nick's in the Sticks and great ribs at Archibald's (or less great ribs with room to sit down adn eat and have a beer at the original Dreamland -- where the closest thing to a vegetable is banana pudding) and good fesh seafood at Chuck's (which is very nice -- you should go there) and there's good barbecue to be had at Full Moon and Mike and Ed's and the Pottery Grill, but vegetarian..there are soem good options, but aside from pimiento cheese (which i love) they aren't really local specials. Some good news -- Surin and Ruan Thai (across the street form each other) are very good and have numerous vegetarian options. (Surin ahs sushi, as does Chuck's) DePalma's is a good Italian place with meatless dishes, and Newk's is a nice sanwich-salad pizza place has good salads and some veggie sandwiches. These are all places where parents will enjoy eating. Also, Kozy's is a very good restaurant -- pricey --that probably has vegetarian options On the more student-oriented level, pizza is a mainstay, and the Mellow Mushroon is part of the college experience, as is a Greek place on the south side of University just after campus (Houligan's?) that has good hummus, tabouli etc (you might want to take it elsewhere, as the ambience is sort of garage-industrial). There are also are some pretty good Mexican restaurants -- Pepito's -- and some Chinese restaurants that are ok but not nearly as good as the Thai restaurants. All in all, Tuscaloosa is a wonderful place. You should make a point to go to the Warner Westervelt art museum out by the North Lake County Club. It is a true jewel, one of the most pleasant -- and idiosyncratic -- art museums in the US, with a dazzling collection of American Art: 11 Mary Cassatts in the lady's room!
          Roll Tide!

          3510 Loop Rd, Tuscaloosa, AL 35404

          Pottery Grill
          3420 Highway 69 N, Northport, AL 35473

          205 University Blvd E, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401