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Feb 11, 2010 06:49 PM

chinese bbq goose? where can i get it?

for some reason a friend has requested a chinese bbq'd goose on sunday

i've gone to king noodle and next door to goldstone .... they've both told me that they don't sell geese until May?

does anyone know where I can get one for sunday evening? ideally in the west end (friend lives in oakville)


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  1. Not sure why your friend wanted BBQ goose, but my dad said he'll never buy it here again, because it is so far removed from what he was used to in Hong Kong. Over there geese is more flavourful and succulent than duck, but here the flavour is not good, and the meat is thinner and drier.

    Did you try the 2 BBQ shops on Dundas and Huron? (one on the north side and one on the south) As well as the one north of Kings Noodle, just south of Bright Pearl.

    1. Both Foody Mart and Sam Woo Restaurant ( with the b-b-q attachment) at Warden and Steeles have them. ( $22-$28 per bird ). I personally prefer the latter. The marinade is more flavourful. I always buy mine there on the Thursday. They do tend to sell out early though!
      As for the texture, I actually prefer the goose over the duck. The former is more chewy, less fatty and taste like 'free-range' fowl. The duck on the other hand is too 'mushy' for my liking. Meat texture similar to your typical supermarket 'tasteless, grain fed, lock up, lack of exercise chicken'! Yuuuuck!
      BTW, it unfair to compare Toronto's Chinese b-b-q with that of Hong Kong's. The typical Toronto outfit simply do not pay enough attention to the marinade! Its like comparing North American sushi with the ones in Japan!!