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Feb 11, 2010 06:13 PM

Tasty Hand-pulled Noodle on Doyers

I've only seen a couple tangential posts about this place, but no dedicated thread.

Stopped in yesterday, during the snowstorm and sort of an off hour (4pm or so) so it wasn't busy. Since I was alone I could only try one thing, so as tempted as I was by lamb noodles and zha jiang mian, I went for beef knife-cut noodles. I unfortunately can't read Chinese but in English I didn't see any indication that noodles could be ordered dry instead of in soup, but I think one of the earlier posts said that was possible.

The noodles were delicious. Great texture, firmness, just fantastic. The beef was too dry without much flavor. The broth was oddly low on flavor as well. I love salt, but have been cutting back for a while now to the point that I find most restaurant/deli soups to be overly salty. But this one wasn't. No salt was provided so I added some soy sauce and the oily chili paste (not the Sriracha, which was also there) and cilantro, and then it became pretty good.

Unfortunately two of the women got into a horrible argument while I was there and screamed at the top of their lungs the entire time, frequently sounding on the verge of tears. The other customers and the cook who was eating at that time seemed concerned/confused as well. The loud sound of what I assume was noodles slapping on the table was unsettling in conjunction with the violent screaming.

Anyway, it wasn't GREAT but there are so many items on the menu and so cheap that I'd like to try again. The place is definitely quite clean, some of the staff speaks English, and it's on my favorite street!

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  1. With the different sizes/shapes it could take quite a while to go through all the permutations.

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      Have you tried anything you particularly recommend?

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        Thick knife cut noodles. Yum. I believe in soup with fish balls.

    2. Just went there for lunch with a friend. Quick, cheap, pretty clean; full array of condiments (vinegar, chili oil, sriracha, even a container of fresh chopped cilantro).

      DISCLAIMER: my only basis for comparison is the hand-pulled noodles in soup over at Lan Zhou (or whatever it's called) on East Broadway.

      Pan-fried hand-pulled noodles with shredded pork: the noodles were chewy and springy and delicious, but the meat was kind of nondescript.

      Pan-fried hand-cut noodles with lamb: the noodles seemed like they could have been good--they were chewy, with varying thicknesses and nice ruffly edges--but they were drowning in oil; the lamb was the usual scraps of meat attached to bone (yes, I should have known better).

      I'll definitely be back, but I think I'll either stick with the hand-pulled noodles or try the soup. Recommendations would be appreciated!

      Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles
      1 Doyers St, New York, NY 10013