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Feb 11, 2010 06:13 PM

Where can you buy canned pumpkin in Philly?

Does anyone know where I can find canned pumpkin in the off season (aka as soon as possible! I'm in desperate need for a recipe this weekend). I've looked at a few stores by me in West Philly, with no luck so far.

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  1. I buy it all the time - Libby's brand is available in most supermarkets, but it's in the baking aisle.

    1. Agree with gwebber. Virtually any major supermarket, usually in the baking isle rather than in the canned fruit/veggie isle.

      1. A more specific request-- I need canned pumpkin that I can feed to my dog, so no spices, just pumpkin. Has anyone seen that around?

        Berry9 - I just saw the pumpkin pie variety in the baking aisle at Genuardis.

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          The Asian grocery markets have an insane variety of canned fruits and vegetables. I am pretty sure I have seen plain pumpkin. It is sometimes used in Thai curries.

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            Great idea! I'm sending my hubby to Assi now.

          2. re: xtian

            libbys pumpkin puree is just plain pureed pumpkin, just don't confuse it with the pumpkin pie filling - i think the labels are pretty similar.

          3. The Fu Wah at 47th and Baltimore has canned pumpkin. I bought some last week.

            1. berry9
              did you find pumpkin? my sister called me sunday to say she couldn't get any in her area and that the store manager at her wegmans told her there really is a shortage. I emailed Nestle Monday and they confirmed this, citing a rainy fall as the cause for a small harvest. I've been to several stores looking and no one has any. Nestle says the Libby's supply will not be back to anywhere near normal until the next harvest in fall.

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                I have a can of plain pumpkin I bought at Aldi's. The expiration date is 11/2010 so I won't be holding onto it for the next Thanksgiving season. Let me know if you want to pick it up.

                1. re: Seeker19104

                  thanks, I had heard rumors of a shortage coming before thanksgiving so i stocked up. :)