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Feb 11, 2010 06:13 PM

Great Sushi Restaurant at Spadina & Bloor - Yuki

If you’re in the Spadina and Bloor neighbourhood, this Japanese sushi restaurant rises above all others on the Bloor west strip. It’s located on the north side of Bloor just a few doors east of Spadina, next to Noah’s.

It used to be “Rolu” until several months ago when they underwent a name change to “Yuki Japanese Ya” and Mustar joined the business as sushi chef....he’s the friendly guy with long hair who always wears a headband. His sushi is always fresh and creative. We love ordering the Sushi Combo which comes with 10 piece of nigiri and a choice of either California or spicy tuna maki. The nigiri pieces vary slightly each time depending on what’s fresh that day and we always leave very satisfied.

Yuki also has an extensive list of authentic izakaya style appetizers, all at reasonable prices. Our favourites are Asparagus Goma, Yasai Wrap, Gindara (grilled black cod), and Tsukune (meatballs).

Mustar and James (his partner) have a very good thing going here and we encourage Japanese food lovers to give this place a try.

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  1. Are the owners actually Japanese?

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    1. re: Moorepark

      No, they are Chinese. Mustar's trained with one of the chefs who worked at Kaji and his sushi is definitely the real deal.

    2. Yuki is ok. As you say, probably the best along Bloor, although occasionally Sushi on Bloor can be alright.

      Yuki did serve me some terrible grisly chicken once. And they seem to put even more salt in their food than most. But they're quite good value and most things I've had have been good for the price.