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Feb 11, 2010 05:35 PM

Only there for the day...

Driving to Seattle to fly down South for a vacation. Planning to stay overnight before driving home the next day. We will be staying downtown and checking out Pike's Market before heading home in the afternoon. Any must EATS while we're there, maybe something close if not in the Market itself as we will be walking. Suggestions?


P.S. Seeing as we are going to be just back from an 8 day trip maybe something that won't break the bank :)

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  1. The Palace Kitchen or Matt's at the Market

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    1. re: Leper

      Thanks Leper I'll look into both spots before we leave.


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        If you like Japanese food I'll go for Maneki. But it's a bit too far to walk.

    2. For a cheap and fun meal I would just graze Pike Place Market. Get some chowder at Pike Place Chowder, baked pork buns at Mee Sum, some oysters or seafood cocktails at Jack's Fish Spot, some mac and cheese from Beechers, pick out a Salumi assortment from DeLaurenti's, some fresh fruits from one of the stalls, etc. You'll get to taste a ton of stuff at a reasonable price.

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        Love the idea of grazing! Sounds like my favorite thing to do at the Grandville Island Market in Vancouver, little baguette, some cold cuts, fresh fruit and veg....YUM!!

      2. The Pike Place Market, though touristy, is actually good for some cheap eats. When I worked downtown I went almost every day. My favorite spots:
        Market Grill: Halibut Sandwich
        DeLaurentes: Pizza by the Slice, or Sandwiches, I always liked their tuna when they had it.
        The Crumpet Shop: Sandwiches on days they bake bread, Soup on days they don't. Goooooood lentil soups.
        Piroshky Piroshky: The Cheddar and Green onion one is my favorite
        Jack's Fish Spot: Ciappino!
        Michou Fresca: Not neccessarily a favorite on this board but I use to make a meal out of their morrocan lemon chicken, roasted brussel sprouts, and dolmades. Odd combination? Maybe. Delicous? Hell yes!

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          That combo sounds good Brunhilde and thanks foe the suggestions, so many choices.