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Feb 11, 2010 05:15 PM

starving student London SE1 for 3 months

looking for ideas cheap eats, loves all ethnicities. also suggestions on where to shop and save too! has transit pass for zone 1&2.

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  1. Hey. Are you at King's?
    Anyway, it's a decent place to eat on the cheap. On Lower Marsh (behind Waterloo station) there's a guy who runs a taco stall. Very cheap, authentic and seriously tasty.
    There is a jerk barbecue in the park nearby but I've never tried it, so can't tell you if it's any good, but it always seems to have a line.
    Master's Superfish is on Waterloo Road, serving up the best fish and chips in the city in my opinion. Go for the lunch special (£6.50 will get you fish, chips and a tea or coffee. 50p extra gets you a soft drink).
    There's also a branch of Icco, which sells pizzas starting from £3.50. In this branch the most expensive is £4. They are 11 inches. Pretty good value and pretty good pizzas.
    Nearby is Tsuru ( which has alright sushi and really good katsu curry at lunchtime. Some evenings it has Japanese small-plates, which are alright but you'll find yourself spending more.
    Nearby to Tsuru are a few places, such as Tortilla for decent burritos, Leon for 'healthy fast food' and some other places that I'm not too familiar with. Oh, The Table is there, and they're decently priced at lunchtimes.
    Nearer to Bermondsey is Maltings Cafe, which is sensational. I don't know if it's poor form to link your own blog post, but as there's hardly anything written about it online, I think I may have to ( I love the place.
    Borough Market is also in SE1, as you probably know, and much has been written about it on this board. Not that cheap, but a sausage roll from the Ginger Pig (£3), a flat white from Monmouth (£2.50?) and some sort of cake or brownie from one of the many stalls around is a pretty good lunch in my opinion.
    A little bit harder to find is El Vergel, which does Latin American type foods for lunch:
    Finally, not in SE1, but about 10 minutes away on the bus is Silk Road, which people on here love. Xinjiang cuisine, seriously cheap and incredible. Recommended highly.

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        heya, check out for some great restraurants in the area - iplenty in zone 1 and 2 . If you have a 1eat membership card, like I do, you get upto 50% off in restaursants and pubs and cafes - Tiger Tiger, Sway , Chicago rib Shack - all there, with 50% off!! You can search restaurants by post code, too

      2. I'd naturally second Silk Road.

        You have very good tube access via London Bridge so take advantage of it until they effectively mothball the Northern Line for a year.

        You're an easy shot to Elephant and Castle around which you've got Dragon Castle (cheap and good dim sum), multiple Colombian places and a few cheap Caribbean stalls.

        Brixton is also very easy to reach and between Franco Manca (London's best pizzeria) and Punto y Coma, you can eat very cheap. Punto does a 6 pound lunch of the gods which includes steak or other meat of the day about about 5 sides plus a glass of sugarcane juice. If you go often they start to charge you like 4 quid instead of 6 as well.

        I need to think of more South London stuff... 2 buses and a lot of time can take you can some friends to the door of Tasty Jerk on a weekend though. Their jerk pork is on my things before I die food list.


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        1. re: JFores

          Thanks to both of you for the suggestions. Not at Kings, working a co-op term, quite near Dragon Castle which has been recommended to me by someone already. Must check it out.

          1. re: JFores

            There's a load of cheap places in Brixton and Elephant. Just take a wonder around Brixton market and its environs on any given day and you'll come across South American, West African, Caribbean and Portuguese in abundance. I really love D's Roti Hut for Trinidadian and Asmara for Eritrean. In E&C, there's a Columbian stall alongside the tube station that do great empanadas for a pound or something.

            JFores - You should head to Tickle Me in West Norwood if you want Jamaican of Tasty Jerk standard, then you could jump on a bus and head to South Norwood for dinner at Mantannah, cos I know you love your Thai!

          2. Been meaning to post about this, and now seems appropriate. How about homey Polish food at Mamuska? I came across this place recently and just had my first meal there. Quite decent, authentic, freshly cooked, and cheap. It's located in the E&C shopping center.


            Pierogis where especially good. Appropriately thick skins filled with a tasty kraut and bacon mix, topped with fried bacon and onions.

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            1. re: CTownFeedR

              Thanks for posting this link. Had a look at the menu. Looks very comforting and cheap as you said. Says they are open from morning until 11 pm 7 days a week. Will make a visit soon.

              1. re: cathodetube

                I've had lunch at Mamuska a couple of times -the main dishes are all £5 a plate, and it's good hearty stuff. The bigos (hunter's stew) is really tasty, with a good smoky pork flavour, the potato pancakes with mushroom sauce was good, but perhaps needed some veggies on the side as it was very rich! Also tried the meatballs (klopsy?) which were a special, served with gnocci-like dumplings and a dill sauce, again really rich and filling, good cold-weather food! Haven't tried the pierogi yet, but I'll be back for them soon! Not great photos, but hope it's an indication...

            2. If you want to venture to New Cross (10 min on the train from London Bridge), I would really recommend Amersham Arms. Fantastic burgers and finger-licking chips with a garlicky mayo - you can't beat it. Cafe Crema does really good veggie food, and is a very cute and friendly place with the occasional film screening.

              I would also really recommend Sunday Upmarket on Brick Lane. Ethiopian, Mexican, Jamaican food stalls, and everything is so delicious and cheap. Outside the market you've got Cafe 1001 for a nice bbq when it's sunny.

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              1. re: TheSwedishFish

                if we're talking about brick lane, then its all about bagel bake - it's the breakfast of champions.

              2. Mooli's in Soho! Yummy food.