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Feb 11, 2010 04:59 PM

Good dining in East Lansing?

I'm in a national tour of a play, heading to East Lansing next week? Are there any suggestions for a good dinner on arrival? Usually have 6-8 cast members in tow.

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  1. A fun place in Okemos (not far from EL) is Travelers's Club and Tuba museum. They have an American menu and a national cuisine change each two weeks (not that you will see the change) but next week is Greek cuisine. It is VERY eclectic with a good beer selction by the bottle and it can be quite raucous.

    1. Sansu, top-of-the-line sushi and other great stuff, 3 minutes from Wharton Center.
      Mumbai, excellent Indian, downtown East Lansing.
      Both run by long-established restauranteurs with focus on quality, taste and service.
      You can travel the world and not beat either for what they do.

      1. The latest thread on East Lansing is here:

        Also check out the Lansing topics.

        BTW I've always found the food at the Traveler's Club to be really spotty, although the atmosphere is unique.

        1. Welcome to East Lansing! We're glad you're in town and hope you enjoy your stay. If you have transportation, do check out the most recent thread for options that might be a 3 - 10 minute drive. Within walking distance, you have a lot of options:

          Harrison Roadhouse (burgers & sandwiches, sports bar)
          Omi Sushi (good sushi, decent sake list)
          Mumbai Indian (good food but the owner creeps me out
          )Lou & Harry's Five Star Grill (


          and just in case you get the munchies....
          Insomnia Cookies

          Also, the State Room (inside the Kellogg Center) has a lovely menu and is fast becoming one of my favorite places for locally sourced cuisine. Do not, whatever you do, eat any meals EVER inside the Marriott Hotel.

          Have a great visit!

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            Thank you all. This was my first posting on chowhound and the prompt replies are great!! I should have been doing this the rest of the tour. I think I'm settling on Mumbai and the State Room to try. My play, August: Osage County, will be in E. Lansing and Detroit next week. Come see it! Thanks again.

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              Sorry, I can't get the menus link for the State Room to open on my iPhone. Can anyone give me an idea of the cuisine (I know it's locally sourced) and general price range there?

              1. re: shacoc

                The State Room website is at where you can find a link to the dinner menu, or go directly to

                I would describe the food as mainstream American, including steaks, seafood, comfort food (turkey pot pie, burger), etc. All entrees are $16-25 except for the burger ($12), the bigger filet ($30), and the 16 oz Porterhouse ($34).

                1. re: nsxtasy

                  Thank you all, especiallly nsxtasy, for the State Room layout. In the end, we chose Mumbai and Sansu. Mumbai, in particular, was a real delight. There was no one but us there for a long time, so I hope they are doing all right. Sam was the maitre'd/head waiter, and he treated us very well. We let the kitchen bring out a selection of things, and they figured the amounts just perfectly. Fantastic, tender tandoori lamb, silky paneer, even the vegetarian dishes- lentils, chick peas, etc. Were done well. A fabulous rosemary naan too. 3 bottles of wine, (okay, not a great selection, have beer instead), 7 people, chef selection: $37 per person. Pretty great.

                  1. re: shacoc

                    Glad you enjoyed Mumbai. Hope Sansu also was worth the trip, as it always is for us. Most of all, hope you enjoyed East Lansing, and that the play was well received.

                    1. re: shacoc

                      I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip! I'm also delighted to hear that you were able to get out of downtown and check out Sansu as it's one of my favorite sushi places. (Who would ever imagine that a city in the middle of the country would have such an embarrassment of sushi riches?)

                      Now I'm going to have to go and try the rosemary naan as I'm so hooked on their butter naan that I rarely order other items!

                      Hope you'll make it through East Lansing again!