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Feb 11, 2010 04:10 PM

Suggestions for business dinner near Inner Harbor needed by DC resident w/embarrassing lack of knowledge of Baltimore

We're heading to Baltimore next Saturday for an overnight conference, staying at the Marriott Waterfront. There will be about 10 of us, including some international visitors, meeting for dinner and I am supposed to pick the venue. Is there anything near the Inner Harbor that is non-chain, honest food? Interesting is more important than fancy, walkable or short cab ride, and the sky is not the limit. Surprisingly, business and Inner Harbor together don't turn up much when searching here and I have also been perusing the paper and Baltimore magazine's lists but my lack of familiarity with Baltimore area geography is making that really difficult. Any suggestions Baltimoreans?

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  1. The location of the Marriott Waterfront is great, it puts you in walking distance between Inner Harbor spots and Harbor East. I'm more familiar with the Harbor East spots which would be walking distance for you, so you may want to search for restaurants there.

    Look at menus for Cinghiale
    Roy's(a chain, but good)

    Pazo is a little further of a walk on Aliceanna, between Harbor East and Fells Point, but this is a great spot for atmosphere and tapas

    Hope that helps some!

    1. Agree with Brewsky55 suggestions for Pazo, Cinghiale and Charleston. Any venture of Cindy Wolfe and Tony Foreman is top-notch. Charleston has the highest price-point and has the most formal atmosphere. The food is exceptional. Pazo's menu is mediterranean with lots of spanish influence; the atmosphere is chic and energetic. The food is exquisite. Cinghiale serves expertly prepared Italian food in traditionally styled surroundings. Bottom line is you cant go wrong with any of these choices. Good luck

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        Only caveat - Pazo is quite noisy. If it's truly a "business dinner," and you want to be able to converse easily, I'd go with Charleston or Cinghiale.

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          I can't agree that Pazo is remotely suitable for a business dinner unless you get a private room. The atmosphere is more party than business, and the food frankly sucks.

          Cinghiale would work, I think.

          1. re: JonParker

            Thanks everybody for the speedy responses. We were able to set up something at Cinghiale and I'm looking forward to it. And it turns out we'll be there an extra night on our own so maybe I'll try Charleston.

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              Definitely agree with "abovethewaves'" recommendation for Tabrizi's. It is a delightful restaurant--excellent cuisine and fabulous view.

              Charleston is also a great restaurant--upscale and expensive, but worth it.

              Either choice will provide you with a memorable dinner. Hope you have a great time. FoiGras

        2. Tabrizi's would work perfectly for you. Great view and great food.