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Feb 11, 2010 04:07 PM

Bethesda - Quick Lunch?

I have to wait around from 10am to 1pm tomorrow while my son is at preschool. Normally I have a quick lunch at BGR but I'm looking for something different in and around the Bethesda metro stop area (Woodmont, Old Georgetown, etc.). Any recommendations?

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  1. I love BGR. Corner Slice has good pizza by the slice-right down the street from BGR.
    Norky's for Peruvian chicken (Old Georgetown.) Red Tomato (St Elmo?) for personal pizzas, salads, pastas. If you go to Bethesda Avenue (a few blocks away from the metro) and that new street right there then you have more options- Sounds like you have the time to go over there. I like Organic To Go for salads, Au Pain Quoitien (Sp?) They have an amazing platter including prociotto, fresh parmesan, spreads (ricotta, pesto, olive) served with fresh wheat bread. Also, they have an excellent omelette with lox.

    1. You asked for something different? RAKU on Woodmont Ave for their Bento Box. It doesn't get much better than this, for me.

      Next to that, I'll agree that Organic to Go is one of the best deals in Bethesda for lunch. Great salads where you pick the ingredients and they mix it in front of you.

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