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Feb 11, 2010 03:06 PM

Sushi 4 you -- Horsham

Tonight my husband and I tried Sushi 4 you (takeout) in Horsham. We were a little scared because the last time we ate at Yama (same place, different owner) we were not happy.

Well, this time we found the sushi to be very good! We ordered a few different rolls and really enjoyed them. The fish was fresh, the rolls a great size, and overall we just liked it! Next time we will order more quantity and variety (we wanted to get our feet wet first)

You can actually order online and they will have it ready for you, too. Pretty neat!

Anyone else been there?

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  1. Shame they didn't move into the Sushikazu space instead of the owners of Yama.

    1. 4+ stars. Ate there yesterday. Excellent sashimi for me (hamachi, eel), the best salmon skin roll ( I could smell them grilling the salmon skin), wife loved her California roll and double avocado-mango roll. Salad was so-so - ginger dressing was bitter (old?). Salmon roe sashimi was the only one not first rate - the roe was wizened, but still edible. Service very agreeable (we were the only ones there at 6 on a Friday). This is now annointed as our regular sushi joint. I look forward to trying the Chilean sea bass entree.

      1. Chowhounds, save this restaraunt! Empty on a Saturday night when it serves the best sushi/sashimi - better than Blue Fin (which has deteriorated a bit). We're back again, now for the third time. Sorry, I can't stop re-ordering the hamachi (yellowtail) and unagi (eel) sashimi, and the freshly-grilled salmon skin roll (you can smell it grilling in the distance). Wife loves her CA rolls, and Abby loves her gyoza and shumai. Nice ginger ice cream for dessert. I'm looking forward to trying their dolsot bibimbap and Chilean sea bass, if I can resist the sashimi.