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Feb 11, 2010 02:58 PM

Good place for dinner for family of 10 in Venice?

No pizza please.

We have one night in Venice. We will be 6 adults and 4 kids (age range 6-10, so not too small).

Would love a place with good seafood, good risotto, and good pasta. Meat secondis less important. Not too expensive, tho I realize this is a relative term in Venice.

Most of the places I've read about that appeal to me seem really small. I'm terrified of ending up in some packaged tourist mill, and with such a big group am also afraid to just wing it and walk around until we find something that appeals.

5 of our party will be staying on for 3 more nights, so recs for smaller kid-friendly restaurants (I know most Italian places are, but in Venice one can never be sure) with good food would also be appreciated. tho I have already gleaned a few possibilities from this board.

We speak some Italian, if that helps, tho no one is fluent.

Grazie tanto!

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  1. Both of these have pizza in addition to pasta, seafood etc, but they are accustomed to larger parties (and kids) as well - Taverna San Trovaso and Casin dei Nobili, both in Dorsoduro. There really is something for everyone at both places and they are not expensive. For the smaller group, check out Osteria da Alberto in Cannaregio for pasta and risotto and their daily fish special is simple, yet very good. What time of year are you going?

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      we'll be there in about a week and a half. do a lot of eating establishments close for the winter or after carnivale?

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        Some places close just before or after Carnevale but everything should be open during Carnevale.

    2. Depending on your budget, I'd recommend Al Covo in the expensive category, and Alla Madonna in the low-moderate. I've seen parties of 10 and more at both.

      1. Just wanted to say "thanks" for the suggestions.

        We ended up having lunch at Al Profeta in Dorsoduro, which was near our hotel. I had a very delicious risotto with beef, red wine, and radicchio. Others had good pasta. Simple but fine.

        Took some advice from this board and had a dinner at Taverna San Trovaso. It was okay but nothing special. I preferred Al Profeta. Did pass Casin dei Nobili on our way to San Trovaso and that looked better--livelier somehow. But didn't get to try it.