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Feb 11, 2010 02:56 PM

Savin Rock Roasters? Was Harborside in Stratford, CT

Ok, so I go to work, and its Harborside(or Harborview- I can never remeber and I pass it twice a day and have been there several times)- I come home and its Savin Rock Roasters with a liquor permit sign out front. A Google search reveals little. Anybody know anything??

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  1. Okay, the Facebook page for Savin Rock Roasters has Harborside listed as a friend. There's also this public notice: -
    which I *believe* indicates a change of ownership.

    Harborside is owned by a partnership - can't remember if they're tied in with the Humphrey's people or not, but at one time that was the plan. Harborside has had trouble for years with the neighborhood, both in Stratford and across the river, because it can get quite rowdy (or so I hear). The public notice has entertainment listed as "none" so I'm guessing it might be the only way they can continue business.

    As for Savin Rock Roasters themselves - sorry, haven't a clue.

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      Harborside has (or had) the same owners as Lorenzo's in West Haven. Humphrey's orginally built the restaurant but ran into money problems and sold the finished building to the Lorenzo's people. Savin Rock Roasting Co..'s original location is in West Haven on Capt. Thomas Boulevard. and features in-house roasted meats (roast beef, corned beef, pastrami, etc). and seems to do a lively business.

    2. With more digging, I found this:
      but no mention of the Stratford site. If the menu is the same, we'll definitely be giving it a try- or several. Will report back.

      1. We stopped in tonight for dinner. A large, empty deli counter for meats occupies the foyer where the host station once sat. No clue if it's eventually going to be filled. The dining space itself is even more wide-opened and cavernous than when Harborside occupied it. The glass doors to the private room have been pushed open, and the curtains removed. It's somewhat akin to eating in a bus terminal. The walls have been painted a rather harsh red, and new drop lightining installed. The Muzac, some sort of grab bag of oldies was played WAAAY too loud, making conversation almost impossible. When we asked our waitress if they could turn it down some, she replied, "No, the owners like it this high!" (?!?)

        The menu is large, with apps and sandwiches in the $10-$15 range, and the entrees mostly in the $15-$25 range. I opted for the roast beef (dinner cost of $15), which turned out to be a rather large portion of lukewarm meat served atop white bread with au jus and horeradish sauce, some greasy fries and a side of oddly seared pieces of squash. A pre-dinner salad turned out to be a sad shallow plate of shredded greens with one (!) cherry tomato and one cucumber slice. Generally speaking, about the same quality and caliber as the self-same meal that I can get at the diner down the road in Stratford for about $5 less. Dessert options are currently the same as Harborside's, so I passed. Our waitress, enthusiastic and attentive, was fine (p.s. when asked if they were going to continue the comedy club nights, she rattled something about the dinner rush on comedy nights, and neither I nor my companion had any clue when she walked away if that was a "yes" or a "no.")

        All in all, a rough start for this new venture. Given tonight's experience, I can't say that I'll rush back anytime soon; however, the place was packed around 7 when we left, so it would seem that right now, others may not share my reservations!

        1. What an odd choice of food for such a HUGE restaurant. Went there once when it was Harborside and it sucked.

          Wish them luck...but I doubt anyone can reclaim the old Fagan's local restaurant feel in this gigantic place. Maybe they can fill the space with some brewery equipment!

          Wishful thinking...

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          1. My friend loves Savin Rock Roasters in West Haven. She will be psyched to know it is coming or moving to Stratford, but it does seem odd that such a small intimate place would move to such a large location. Stratford was a fool when they wouldn't allow Chowder Pot to go in there--biggest mistake if you ask me--a place like Chowder Pot or even Red Lobster would have done well in that location, close to Bridgeport, people love all that fried food, etc.

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              Years back, I'd heard Chowder Pot was planning to go in across the street from there, at The Dock Shopping Center -- I wonder which spot they wanted first, even if they ended up with neither one.