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Feb 11, 2010 01:55 PM

BBQ Between Rocky Mount & Richmond?

I'm headed down to Rocky Mount this weekend for an insane triathlon training weekend; have to get out of the snow in Charlottesville! For my reward I plan on eating a copious amount of BBQ when I'm done with my workouts on Sunday. Are there any good BBQ places that are only slightly out of the way between Rocky Mount & Richmond, VA?

I've searched the boards and it seems like most of the amazing places are either 40 minutes west or south of Rocky Mount; was hoping there was at least one good place north of Rocky Mount so it's kind of on my way home.


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  1. K&L in Hopewell, VA is good. It's right off 295, so may/may not be on your route. I also like the Stony Creek Tastee Hut in Stony Creek, VA, right off I-95. If you go to the Tastee Hut, make sure to try the hushpuppies. The bbq is a touch on the spicy side for me*, but pretty good on the whole.

    Blackbeard's in Conetoe, NC is really good as well. It's on Alt-64 about 25-30 minutes east of RM.

    *I love spicy food in general, but eastern NC bbq shouldn't be too spicy.

    1. Addendum: You're doing this on Sunday? That really narrows things down. K&L isn't open on the weekends at all, and I'm pretty sure the Tastee Hut is closed on Sunday. Blackbeard's is open from 11am-3pm on Sunday, though.