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BBQ Pit manufacturer in PA?

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My husband is on a mission to get himself a barbecue pit/smoker. Naturally, the best manufacturers seem to be Texas-based. Does anyone know of anyone in PA (Western Pa, preferably) who makes and sells barbecue pits, or of a metal-crafter who would be interested in such a project?

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  1. Just suck it up and order one from David Klose in Texas. Lots of design and experience necessary to build a pit that cooks right. We had David build us a 16 foot twin axle pit, flew down from Oregon, rented a rental van and hauled it back to Oregon.

    1. Check with Big John Grills. They are based right outside of State College and make custom grills and smokers. I have had them build 2 different custom things for me and have been happy with both, although they were not a pit/smoker. Not sure if they have or could build exactly what you are looking for, but probably worth a call. Here's the link to their website.


      1. I personally have a Trager smoker, and love it. ( Bought it on line after much research.) There is a mfg called Meadowcreek, and they may have a dealer near you. www.meadowcreekbarbecue.com

        Investigate, it will be worth it.

        1. Check out meadow creek barbque. Near New Holland in eastern PA. pretty large selection of sizes and features.