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Feb 11, 2010 01:42 PM

Bazaar del Sabado in San Angel - Any good food?

I'd like to know if there are any special places to snack or eat at in the vicinity (walking distance) of the Bazaar del Sabado in San Angel in Mexico City.

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  1. The San Angel Inn is in an elegant and historic building a relatively short walk from the Bazaar. It is not a hotel or inn but a restaurant. I have only eaten there once. The menu is varied (some traditional Mexican specialties and other more European influenced dishes). A beautiful place with good, albeit, relatively expensive food.

    There are several more casual places on Plaza San Jacinto, which is the plaza right next to Bazaar.

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      Thanks. I just read about Paxia too - alta cocina mexicana. Does anyone have input? I can't seem to open their menu in pdf.
      I am also game for divey, hole-in-the-wall type places as well.

    2. Hi! You should definitely try one of the made to order quesadillas inside the little plaza by the Bazaar if you are looking for a snack. They are soooo good!

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        Thank you for the reminder. I had forgotten about the quesadillas.

      2. You shouldn't have any trouble finding some good eats around there. I remember passing a couple cafe like restaurants with outside space that looked very popular. We ended up eating in a little hole in wall place/cafe. Wish I knew the name. Had cochinita pibil or something similar torta like that was great. It was on one of streets running down from the park area to the bigger main drag there. It just looked like a popular good place so we popped in. And sure enough, lots of folks came in seeming to know the cook. . .

        On another visit we had an early cena (a late comida?) at the San Angel Inn. A beautiful place indeed and wonderful food, but not cheap .

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          Thanks. I didn't have an opportunity to make it to San Angel due to a change of plans but I'll keep this in mind for another trip.

        2. Another little snack: There's always a nice lady on the sidewalk just outside the garden entrance to the big church (if you're there, there's a wedding, or two, or three - it's Saturday, after all!) selling freshly cooked little corn cookies; they're sort of like mini arepas. 8 pesos for 10 little cookies. yum.

            Sopa de hongos con epazote, timbal de nopales, chile cuatitlán, pastel de manzana- yogurt y amaranto, capuccino con rompope....mmm