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Feb 11, 2010 01:17 PM

Zapp's Potato Chips

Does anyone know of a deli or store I can buy Zapp's potato chips at in Manhattan. Would prefer the Village area but anywhere would work. I know Bierkraft in Brooklyn serves them with their sandwiches but anywhere closer would be appreciated.


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  1. i don't recall ever seeing them in the city....if you can't find them locally, you can always order them online.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Right, I know you can buy direct from Zapp's for a reasonable price/shipping but I am having a Mardi Gras party this weekend so (of course) am looking for them last minute.

      1. re: chefmichael01

        a-ha. well in that case, maybe you can convince Bierkraft to sell you some...? it's worth asking!

        1. re: chefmichael01

          I have seen them at a few places in Manhattan- I believe I saw them a few weeks ago at Garden of Eden. But I would check Zapp's website. If they sell them to Bierkfraft undoubtedly them sell them to other stores in New York.

          1. re: Ann900

            I'm pretty sure i've bought them before at the Delmonico Deli on 59th b/w madison and park.

            1. re: MinhLikesFood

              I have seen them at Dean and Deluca in Soho. Last time I was there and saw them was probably in December.

              1. re: elkaynyc

                Skip checking Dean and Deluca. I was there last night and they only had 3 bags of Salt and Vinegar. They used to carry more and a larger variety of flavors so maybe they are no longer going to carry Zapps.

              2. re: MinhLikesFood

                I know of a place in Hoboken that has two or three flavors. Park and 6th Deli. I just returned from New Orleans with three bags of Spicy Creole Tomato flavor, but I ain't sharing. lol
                Would be curious to see if anyplace has them, especially the seasonal flavors, which the creole tomato used to be, maybe it's year round now.

                Give them a call to see what flavors they have, I am coming into the city Saturday night, going to Bar Boulud, can always bring some bags over for you and you can swing by and pick them up.

                1. re: roro1831

                  Cheeky Sandwiches (35 Orchard) has a whole bunch of different flavors.

                  1. re: craig_g

                    I saw that. I was reading about that place. I wonder if they carry the Spicy Creole Tomato flavor

                    1. re: roro1831

                      Garden of Eden stores have been carrying small bags of Zapps for a while- but only seem to have the creole tomato flavor

                      Garden of Eden
                      7 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003

                      1. re: Ann900

                        I was in a Garden of Eden the other day but didn't notice. I'll have to check it out. IMO it's the best flavor they have

                        Garden of Eden
                        7 E 14th St, New York, NY 10003

        2. Battery Place Markets at 77 Battery or 240 Murray Street in the Goldman Sachs Building, they have the full line.

          1. Why you would search for Zapp's I can't understand. By the time you will get them here and the infrequency of the distributors they use to restock the shelves, the freshness will be affected quite a bit. However, they do have some unique flavors like Gumbo, crawfish and dill, Louisiana Hot, etc Zapp was bought by UTZ Potato Chip Company about a year ago, they also bought Dirty Chips. Utz is a far superior potato chip to Zapp's and readily available in most stores. Your best bet of getting Zapp's is to mail order a case from the company. Otherwise Gourmet Garage, or Garden of Eatin, Amish Market, and some Korean stores might have them. They are not in any chain stores here.
            If you want to try a really good chip, try Boulder Canyon which might be in Food Emporium.

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            1. re: foodwhisperer

              They have them at potbellys, they are only in small bags but if that's okay then that would be a really easy place to go. I believe they have original, sour cream and onion, salt and vinegar and BBQ.

            2. They have them at The Melt Shop


              @ $1.50 a (small) bag. That's the "the outdoor plaza at the Citigroup Center, on the northeast corner of Lexington Avenue and 53rd Street, down the steps and tucked away from the hustle and bustle of midtown Manhattan."

              1. Dean and Deluca only had three bags because they are popular. They usually have a few different kinds.