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Feb 11, 2010 12:56 PM

Early dinner near Calderwood Pavilion (the B.U. theater in South End)

We're going to a play later this month at this theater. We want to meet friends for an early dinner before the play. I know it's very close to Hammersley's Bistro, and maybe we'll go there. But I'm looking for other suggestions no more than about a block or block and a half away from the theater. Am I correct that B & G Oyster doesn't take reservations? Is Aquitaine good these days? Thanks.

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  1. Myers and Change or Masa might be woth a look.

    1. You have a lot of options nearby. Hamersley's is terrific and takes reservations. Pops has a new small-plates concept, most of their old app/entree menu, and a more crowded layout now that they've added a full bar up front. I liked a bunch of the dishes I had there recently; it's still an excellent value. I'm a fan of both Aquitaine (handsome French bistro) and Metropolis (French/Italian, nice prices, cute intimate space).

      Neither B&G nor The Butcher Shop takes reservations. Other close-by options worth considering are Picco (upscale pizza place, excellent wood-oven thin-crust pies), Addis Red Sea (Ethiopian, pretty and moderately priced), Stephi's on Tremont (very like Stephanie's on Newbury, if you like that), and Mela (a pretty, pan-regional Indian place). You'll have to go more than a block and a half for most other nearby venues.

      1. Correction: B&G does take reservations, which I should know, since I've made them there myself, just not lately.