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Feb 11, 2010 12:35 PM

Strip Club suggestions- 1 vegetarian and 1 meat lover

For Valentine's, I am taking my red meat loving significant other to Strip Club. I realize vegetarians are "regarded with benelovent amusement," but I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for a non-meat eating person? There was nothing on the menu so I assume the chef will do an off-menu entree if asked.

I read that my SO should get a steak and that all the steaks are a "win" (if not all the sauces) so it seems he is pretty taken care of.


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  1. The beans and toast are delicious. Not exactly nutritious, but they also make excellent french fries (just beware of the bacon ketchup that comes as one of the dipping sauces). I also had an excellent mushroom soup that was vegetarian once (I was with a pescetarian friend at the time and she asked about meat in the soup), however as a warning other times the soup there is not vegetarian. If you are planning to ask for an off-menu entree you might want to call ahead.

    1. Aren't the devil's eggs vegetarian? Those are fantastic. The carrots that come with the steaks are excellent. Add those two to the beans and toast, and you will be plenty full.

      1. We have friends who are vegetarians who have reported being very well taken care of at The Strip Club (without even any amusement, benevolent or otherwise). Good luck and do report back!

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          I always wondered how TSC takes care of vegetarians because I (personally) found that "benevolent amusement" comment funny, but cryptic, and not that welcoming. But, TSC strikes me as the kind of place that understands good service and that WOULD take care of their guests no matter what. I am glad to hear that your veg friends have had positive things to say about their experience and I hope Meghann goes, has a wonderful time, and reports back. I will be curious to hear about the specifics.


          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            Please report back! The "benevolent amusement" comment is funny, and next to the line stating no substitutions - so, I've always regarded it as "This is what we serve, we're trying to be friendly, but there's nothing we can do if there's nothing on the menu you'll eat."

            If they actually ARE willing to do something veggie friendly, I'd love to hear about it. One of the things that has kept us away from their dinner service is that line. TCL doesn't eat meat, so we've always chosen to go elsewhere.

            The Strip Club
            378 Maria Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55106

        2. I've enjoyed the Caesar salad, Poutine and "Devil's Eggs" there. The "benevolent amusement" is absolutely tongue-in-cheek. Given thirty seconds of conversation with anyone working there, you'll quickly notice that they are eager to make it a great meal for you.

          If you have any doubt at all, CALL! Tim, JD, Danny, etc. are very gracious.

          1. Thanks to all who responded. We went to TSC last night and it was FAB! We ended up starting with the beans and toast. I accidently ate some rosemary and that was overpowering, but the actual dish was great. We also got the devil'ed eggs. I wasn't as much of a fan of the pink/purple eggs as I thought they had an odd, hard rubbery texture from the treatment. The normal ones were very good. Finally, the SO got the "meat on a stick." It was chicken with a beet puree that had quite the kick (in a good way).

            For my entree, the server put it in as "veggie surprise." I ended up with sliced potatoes, asparagus, and brussel sprouts with parm, carmalized onions, red pepper, and sliced garlic. It was delicious. Oftentimes, places just throw together sides to make the veggie plate. While conceivable that the ingredients of this dish were probably just what was in the kitchen, it all worked together and was excellent. The brussel sprouts were seared, perhaps slightly carmelized and were my favorite.

            The SO liked his steak too. He ate the whole thing and all the carrots.

            Thanks again! We would definitely go back. We had the table right next to the pretend fireplace. It was a lovely evening.

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            1. re: Meghann_M

              Hey Meghann, thanks so much for reporting back, and thanks to the posters who encouraged her. I love happy endings!! I am also one who found the 'benevolent amusement' comment a bit off-putting. I'm not a strict vegetarian but do want to see appetizing vegetarian choices on all menus, and the brussels sprouts dish sounds very good.

              1. re: Meghann_M

                I love TSC. You are lucky to have been able to have such a great meal w/o calling ahead to advise them as it is one of the busiest days of the year. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.
                Aloha & a hui hou.