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Feb 11, 2010 12:32 PM

Best Indian Buffet in Hicksville

We generally go to Kiran Palace which has mildly spiced dishes. We've tried Diwan which had a lot of heat and Apsara which was good, too. Any other recs?

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  1. Kiran Palace is my favorite....

    1. Not a big fan of Kiran Palace. There are 3 Kiran Palaces now (Hicksville, Commack and Levittown) with buffets that tend to be on the mild side. Recently at the Levittown branch, we asked why none of the items had any heat whatsoever. The manager explained that the owners idea was to reduce the heat and spicing to cater to the local palate.
      He then scooped some sauce from one of the chaffing dishes and had the kitchen add chopped raw Jalepenos for us (despite the fact it was a buffet-Nice guy!) but the result, although spicy, really wasn't good, to be kind. We suggested that in the future they might want to have at least one authentically prepared dish-just to see if their customers approved and he said he would relay that request to the owners.
      Realistically though, with three restaurants up and running on LI, the formula for sucess seems to be less rather than more real Indian flavor.

      On a positive note, here's a recent Hicksville buffet post you may have missed:

      1. Here's a broader question: Is a buffet the best strategy for getting the best food? In any other cuisine, I'd stay away from the steam table but does the stew-y nature of a lot of Indian food make it more chafing-dish proof? Certainly if the clientele is not very discerning, the food on the buffet is not going to shine.

        1. I haven't tried the Buffet, but New Chili & Curry is run by the people who used to run Kiran Palace, and they seem to have taken some of the spice with them. Their chicken xiacutti and baigan dahiwala are as they used to be at Kiran. They have a buffet, probably worth checking out.