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Feb 11, 2010 12:31 PM

A place that serves after 11 pm...

Looking for a restaurant with good food that serves after 11 pm on Thursday. Preferably with a good wine list. Open to any cuisine. Staying at the Back Bay Hotel, so not too far from there would be great. Please help!

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  1. Franklin Cafe, until 1am (?)
    Coppa, until 12:45am
    Stella, until 1:30am
    All in the South End

    1. The Franklin actually serves till 1:45am. Wines by the bottle are a bargain here.

      Anchovies (South End neighborhood bar serving pedestrian but value-priced Italian-American), 2am. Not a wine lover's place.

      Lucca Back Bay (upscale Italian), 1:30am. Extensive wine list.

      Via Matta (another upscale Back Bay Italian), enoteca menu till 1am. Another good wine list.

      Bistro du Midi (Back Bay, Southern French) has a first-floor bar that serves a limited menu until midnight on Thursdays. Very good wine list.