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Anything that's not to be missed at Mitsitam Cafe in the Native American Museum?

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Any favorites?

The whole meu looks fantastic especially the razor clam chowder and almost all of the South American offerings.

It looks so varied and so so reasonable.

I am excited!

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  1. Definitely get an order of fry bread with berry compote. Side dish or a dessert!

    I went this summer so it looks like the menu has changed quite a bit - but really, everything was wonderful. A great experience!

      1. I see they're having a chocolate festival this weekend.

        1. My Fave is the grilled Bison @ NW coast, but my general impression having been 3 times is that you don't get a lot of food for what you pay.

          1. I've enjoyed the steak they cook open-flame. And the whitefish salad sandwich. Check and see what the sampler (2 entrees, and 3 sides for $25) is composed of. see what fry-breads they have.