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Feb 11, 2010 12:06 PM

Good middle eastern market in south bay/peninsula?

I recently transited thru Dubai, and I bought some assorted baklava produced by Al Mealim company. It is absolutely fantastic and very different from what you normally get here. I cannot bring myself to eat what passes for Baklava in the south bay restaurents anymore:) I'm looking for a (fancy?) middle eastern store that carries the *real* arabic sweets. Any ideas? Help!

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  1. i wouldn't call this fancy but there's a middle eastern small market in mountain view called Rose Market (on Castro). they may have some decent stuff...and great kabab as well.

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      Yeah, I've tried Rose, no luck. The Kebabs there are great (and the dishes they sell at the counter too), but the baklavah is the usual stuff...thanks anyway.

    2. International Market in San Jose/Campbell is much better than Rose Market, but while the baklava they carry is pretty good, I don't know that it will blow your socks off. I think if you're hoping to find something like what you got in the Gulf, you are very likely to be disappointed. :-( That's why we travel!

      Melanie Wong posted a while back about a restaurant that made really good atayif, but apparently it's not available anymore... maybe for Ramadan.

      International Market
      2052 Curtner Ave
      San Jose, CA 95124
      (408) 559-3397

        1. Have you tried Bijan bakery (Saratoga Ave @ Kiely, San Jose)

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            I haven't tried it there, but other western desserts I have had at the Persian-owned Bijan bakery have been pretty good, so it's definitely worth investigating.