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Feb 11, 2010 11:51 AM

3 Seattle Chefs on Top Chef Masters Season 2

I saw Bravo posted their list of cheftestants for TCM Season 2 and recognized several names. I didn't at first recognize Thierry as a Seattle chef. For some reason I was thinking the chef of Rover's was named Rover! Anyway, this is a good article:

Anybody have thoughts on how well our local chefs will do?

I was sad that Holly Smith lost so quickly on Iron Chef America and now I know i'll be disappointed if Jerry Traunfeld doesn't do well on TCM.

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  1. I hope Maria Hines goes far. Women need to represent!

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    1. re: violetseverine

      I'm not from Seattle but I've eaten at Tilth the last two times I've visited - I know who I'll be rooting for this time!

    2. Jerry Traunfeld was chef of The Herbfarm, not "The Herb Garden."

      I miss journalism.

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      1. re: terrier

        Ha, didn't catch that. Maybe they've been downgraded since his departure!

      2. I love all their food and restaurants. I am not sure I want to find out if they are jerks as people or have bad kitchen habits or something.

        1. I wasn't surprised that Holly SMith lost so quickly.....

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          1. re: staffstuff

            Holly did not compete on Top Chef Masters. She appeared on The Next Iron Chef or whatever it was called. Why would you flame an outstanding chef without giving a reason?

          2. I would not have known about Seattle chefs on Top Chef if this thread was started in Food Media and News, rather than the local board. I have been wowing people in Seattle with my insider info!