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Feb 11, 2010 11:39 AM

Need An Ingredient

I'm looking for someone or a market that would carry pomegranate concentrate. Preferably in the San Fernando Valley but I will travel. Thanks all.

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  1. Hugh have you checked with Whole Foods or Gelson's? Also, if you strike out there I can imagine any Persian food grocery store would have it.

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      Some Armenian/Persian/Lebanese grocery stores in the east SFV mentioned in a previous thread that should have what you are looking for here:

    2. Any Middle Eastern market will carry pomergrante concentrate. I haven't lived in SFV for a long time but I seem to recall amny Middle Eastern markets in the Reseda area.

      1. Definitely check out Jons Marketplace, brain dead new link feature can't find the SFV locations:

        Depending on the recipe, reducing pure pomegranate juice could be an option. Costco and TJ have good prices and stock.

        1. BlackJack Market on Sherman/Bellaire or Olive Marketplace on Oxnard/Whitsett.

          1. In the west valley, try Valley Produce in Reseda:

            18345 Vanowen St
            Reseda, CA 91335

            In the east valley, try Sunland Produce in Sun Valley:

            8840 Glenoaks Blvd
            Sun Valley, CA 91352

            Both stores are kind of a zoo but they have lots of interesting products.

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            1. re: hbkawachi

              Valley Produce was the store was thinking of.

              1. re: SeaCook

                Also the Q Market on Van Owen and Louise a small ethnic market that has
                very good Hahal Chicken and also a seperate Kosher butcher market and a
                takeout for kebobs ect. There is a place in the central valley not the sfv that grows
                pomegranates and sells small and large quantities of juice fresh and frozen.
                Call Home Grown Cellars 559-974-4788 Alex