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Feb 11, 2010 11:36 AM

Griggstown Chicken

I was down in the Princeton area last wekend, and in perusing several of the restaurant web sites in the area, I noticed that a number of them featured "Griggstown Chicken" on the menu. Now I'm from North Jersey, and I am totally unfamiliar with this item.

Can anybody give me a lowdown on this Griggstown Chicken, what's good about it, and is it seemingly only available down in South Jersey? Thanks.

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  1. Griggstown chicken is a chicken sold by Griggstown farm, which is a sustainable, small-scale operation in the Griggstown section of Franklin township.

    More information can be found at their website.

    Many of the local restaurants in the area supply their poultry needs from this local farm. I am pretty sure that they sell retail in their farm store too. Perusing their website, it appears that all of their poultry is raised without any kind of hormones/antibiotics. Definitely worth a stop if you are in the area!

    1. THE best chicken you can get around here. Sure, it's 14$ a chicken, but after you roast one, you'll know why.

      I did a test the past couple of weeks. I've been on a 'simple easy roast chicken' kick. Just stick some herbs in side, maybe a fruit....S&P and throw it in a bacon lined cast iron skillet and put it in a 425 oven until done....maybe some potatoes and carrots around the side.

      I made, I think, 3 chickens this way since the new year, all fantastic.

      My buddy has been doing the same thing but has been complaining about soggyness, lots of liquid in the pan, and non crispy skin. I've been trying to help diagnos his issues as far as we've changed pans, we've changed oven temps, tested oven temps, etc. and he just got poor results...finally it hit me one day as I didn't get a chance to stop at Griggstown and picked up some other brand of chicken at the supermarket (it was even the 'higher' quality out of the purdues and tysons)

      I did the usual but as soon as I went to truss it, it just 'felt' different...

      after roasting I had an inch or two of grossness liquid in the pan and my skin was soggy!!

      then one day, I didn't get a chance to stop

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        Sounds great, something like a New Jersey version of a "Bresse" chicken! I'll have to order one next time I'm in a restaurant in Central/South Jersey.

        Is this a relatively new farm? Looks like they've got a lot of positive vibe in the short time they've been around!

        1. re: menton1

          Website says it's been around quite a while...

          They also have some good D'artangan goodies like veal demi-glase and duck fat and the like if you can't find any of that stuff too.

          CHicken pot pies are great.

          1. re: RPMcMurphy

            Yeh, the chicken pot pies are wonderful! I have three of the small ones in my freezer right now along with two packages of their chicken sausages.

            The farm has been around for about 20 years and I think the retail store has been in operation for 6-7 years. You can also find Griggstown items at many farmers' markets in the summer months.

            I think you'll also find Griggstown chickens at restaurants in north Jersey. I've seen them in some NYC restaurants and of course in many central Jersey restaurants.

            1. re: ambrose

              Yes, Griggstown Chicken sells at the Flemington Farmer's Market in the summer, for one. I haven't yet tried one of thse birds but I'm going to make a point of it now.

      2. I've seen the signs plenty of times, but never actually tried to find this place. Will have to find it to try their pot pies sometime. -mJ

        1. The chickens are excellent and you can taste the difference. I would also highly recommend the quail that they raise and sell. It is a good place to get outstanding turkey and phesant. Not hard to get to, about 10 minutes west off of Rt 1. Other than the chickens, you need to order what you want in advance so they have it for you in the store. When you arrive you can see all of the large tented areas where they raise their birds. Sometimes driving down the road you can see birds wlking/flying around that have escaped, pretty funny.
          They do supply D'Artagan (sp?) and many fine restaurants.

          1. We drove out to Griggstown this weekend. Had no idea how to get to this place, and couldn't find it on the GPS, so we took Route 206 up to where I remembered seeing signs to Griggstown. Funny to see the sign off of 206, but then there is nothing at all. Thankfully, we found it on our first try, and there are definitely easier ways to get there than 206, but live and learn.

            Stopped in and saw the tented bird areas. Saw a ton of pheasant, and some roaming around the parking lot in the wild.

            Nice little store inside with two supper nice ladies. They have a nice selection of stuff, and we ended up picking up a few pot pies, some sesame bars, chicken sausage, dried pasta, and truffle butter. YUM! Haven't tried anything yet, but hope to one night this week, or possibly over the weekend.

            Really sweet people working there though, and the two ladies were as nice as nice can be. They also carry anything from pies, to soda, to honey, etc, etc. Really looking forward to trying the pot pies, so I will report back on what I find.

            Regardless, good customer service, and really easy to find once you know where it is. Hopefully everything will be good, and we'll be returning again soon! More to come! Cheers! -mJ

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            1. re: njfoodies

              Weird that your GPS didn't get you there. The first time I went to the Quail Farm I approached from the east and my GPS took me right to the front door.

              I had one of the small chicken pot pies on the weekend. Really enjoyed it. Just remember that if you eat one pie yourself you will consume 100% of your daily saturated fat "requirement". That's why it tastes so good!

              Imho, the Griggstown pot pies are much better than the Twin Hens pies, which I found at the Pennington Market.

              1. re: ambrose

                That is weird indeed. The GPS got us pretty close, and took us to some canoe and kayak rental place down the road.

                I figured the pot pies were loaded up on calories, but that is what weekends are for! LOL! I debated between the big and small, and ended up getting a couple of the smaller ones. Definitely look forward to giving it a try.

                I remember hating pot pies as a kid, but we picked some up at Cote in Doylestown a few years ago, and now we love them. We'll even make our own from time to time. So good! -mJ