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Feb 11, 2010 11:24 AM

Upscale-ish lunch in Shadyside, Pittsburgh?

We periodically like to spend an afternoon shopping around Shadyside, Walnut and then Highland. The lunch standby for some time has been Girasole.

We lean towards bourgie, ladies-who-lunch type places. Meaning: lingering, wine, Gucci driving shoes vibe. Any suggestions in this vein?

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  1. I think Casbah on Highland would fit your requirements.

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    1. re: mcharles

      I know, the patio and atmos is great, but the food has been horrid so many times to the point of not returning. Shame, really.

      1. re: AllesandroSprezzatura

        Wow, sorry you've had such a bad experience at Cashbah, I find that very surprising, I've always had a good meal there. Try Pangea on on Bellefonte St ( near the parking garage)....Plum on Centre ( at the corner of Highland) has a beautiful dining room (asian/sushi). I beleive Typhoon is open for lunch also (thai)

    2. Typhoon is very nice for lunch. I have not been to Plum for lunch but have been for dinner, and it is a great space.

      I would double check hours at all these places. Some have been cutting back lunch hours.

      1. It's not in Shadyside, but nearby is the Cafe at the Frick. Lovely.

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        1. re: olivertwist

          I second Typhoon and Plum for lunch. Also, you could try paris66. I have been there for lunch when the patio was open and that was nice. While not "upscale decor", Point Brugge is always a delicious lunch spot that uses high quality ingredients and they mix delicious bloody marys and drinks.

          1. re: yammers

            FYI, Paris 66 is wonderful...but BYOB, might not work for this lunch...check there hours

        2. I'm with you on Casbah, although I don't find the food horrid, just below par for the prices they are charging. I would second Cafe at the Frick and would also suggest, Toast, just outside of Shadyside.

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          1. re: RetiredChef

            I also am looking for a new late lunch/very early dinner place in this area (non-BYOB), and I have found that neither Toast nor Typhoon are open until 5pm. I agree with the general comments on Casbah. Plum is really good and open for lunch and Point Brugge is one of my favorites. Pangea and Girasole are also great places to dine. Any other suggestions? I am not opposed to Bloomfield or Lawrenceville (already been to Tamari). Thanks!