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Feb 11, 2010 11:20 AM

Restaurant by Airport

We're dropping my dad off at PHL around 8pm tonight. We're driving up from Baltimore. We'd like some with good food, easy 95 access and minimal rush hour issues if there are any tonight with the weather. I've found Trieste and Lotsa Pasta south of the airport and Silk City Diner north of the airport. I'm a little concerned about going to Silk City because we are leaving 1.5 hours for dinner which would include the travel time on and off the highway as well as any delays in DE.

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  1. A closer option than Silk City is Criniti's on Broad St. just north of Oregon Ave. If you get off of 95N at the Broad St exit, it is no more than a mile up Broad St. To get back to the airport, just go right back down Broad St to the 95S entrance.

    Menus and other info here...

    1. There is not much in the immediate vicinity of the airport. If time might be an issue, Silk City is probably too far out of the way. There are some good places in South Philly, but if I were you I wouldn't want to drive on the tiny streets with all the snow. It's not worth it.

      If casual and not fancy is ok, try the Pennrose Diner which has good access to the airport, a parking lot, and will be on roads that should be pretty clear. Good solid diner food.
      2016 Penrose Avenue

      If you drive a little further, you could head up Broad St from 95 and hit one of the Italian spots like Criniti, Pesto, or L'Angolo, which would also avoid the side streets. You might have problems with parking, though.

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        I was trying to avoid going in the city because I'm sure parking would be a nightmare but I think you got less than us here in Baltimore. I'm not too familiar with the city either. We certainly good with casual as we'll have my kids. I would like some good home cooked food, not a chain.

        1. re: sotodog

          Maybe we got less but South Philly still got like 18 inches, plus the leftovers from the last storm. No one on here would recommend a chain. If you don't want to deal with street parking (which can be rough with or without snow), I think you will enjoy the Pennrose Diner.

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            Since there are no comments on Trieste or Lotsa Pasta, does that mean that they are not that good or no one's been? Saw some decent reviews and they seem reasonably convenient. Not sure I'm in the mood for a diner but Silk City sounded a little more adventerous than the average diner.

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              I have lived in Phila my entire life and have no idea what Trieste or Lotsa Pasta are...

              1. re: Bigley9

                They are in Delaware County. I am not familiar with anything out there.

                Silk City is definitely more adventurous than Pennrose. But if you have never had scrapple (local delicacy) try it there, that will be an adventure :). If you really want upscale comfort food, the South Philly Taproom is not too far from 95 but again you will be dealing with street parking in South Philly; as sylviag says: bad idea. But you could get lucky on Broad Street.

                I'm not sure where else has a parking lot unless you want to trek to 11th & Washington for Vietnamese (still a lot easier than Silk City) or 4th & Oregon for Cambodian. There is Chickie & Pete's but Pennrose is better.

                1. re: Bigley9

                  Trieste is in Prospect Park, PA and Lotsa Pasta is in Wilmington, DE.

        2. Definitely go somewhere with a parking lot.
          Silk City is out of the way (and nothing special, imho) and there is no parking lot.
          Parking is impossible - mountains of snow, and snowed-in cars.

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          1. Popi's Italian Restaurant has a parking lot and decent food. South 20th. Not too far from the airport.

            1. Chickie's and Pete's is a good suggestion - easy access from 95 (though it's a little north of the airport) and a parking lot - but it's mostly bar food. Very unique Philly. With no real sports going on right now, there shouldn't be much of a rush hour.

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              1. re: truman

                This reminded me about Celebre Pizzeria‎ in the same shopping center (with parking lot). Good red gravy Italian and pizza. Nothing special, really, but authentic South Philly.

                To throw in my opinion on Chickie & Pete's: it is a Philly institution, but I don't like the food very much. They are known for their crabs and crab fries but I don't think someone from Baltimore would be very impressed.

                1. re: barryg

                  Sotodog- where did you eat?
                  I hope you went to Trieste- that would have been your best bet.