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Apr 24, 2005 11:31 PM


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Hi all,
I went to Blue Marlin for my first Sawtelle experience last night. We were less than impressed, and disappointed there was no sushi.
Can I please get rec's? We are a husband and wife and an adventurous 8 year old who love tempura, spicy tuna, etc.
How is Hide for those?
What is Sawtelle Kitchen like?
Any good Chinese?
Thanks so much in advance!
xoxo : )

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  1. I think there's only one place for Chinese, "Hong Kong Express". ITs not bad, but its no SGV.

    Hide is fine for tempura and spicy tuna. Pretty basic menu of sushi for a good price (and decent quality) Pretty low prices, they're closed mondays though.

    Sawtelle Kitchen, I don't think you'll get sushi and tempura over there. Its more of the Blue Marlin Vibe than the "japanese sushi/tempura" thing.

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      Where is Hong Kong Express? Is this the same as Little HK Cafe?

      Thanks in Advance.

    2. Sawtelle Kitchen is one of our favorite cheap eats places that features Japanese home cooking style food at very reasonable prices. I especially like their fried shrimp plate and get it with some curry on the side to dip the shrimp into.

      My wife likes the hamburger which is sort of a cross between a little meat loaf and a burger or she tends to get their version of spaghetti carbonara. Only at lunch, (dammit) they do the meat loaf deep fried. It is really good but really bad for me so I am glad I don't get over there at lunch to often.

      The other dishes are also good. At times I will have the lamb shank or one of the fish dishes. You aren't going to be risking much $ to try it.

      We like to sit outside on the little patio and consequently tend to go when the weather is nice.

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        But if you are looking for a sushi dinner, Sawtelle Kitchen will also leave you wanting.

      2. If you like udon/ramen, you might want to add Asahi Ramen (2027 Sawtelle Blvd., (310)479-2231) and/or Ramenya (11555 W. Olympic Blvd.,(310) 575-9337), right around the corner on Olympic, to your list. Both places have nice potstickers and good Japanese soups with noodles.


        1. Blue Marlin features fusion cuisine, not sushi - a simple phone call to the restaurant beforehand would have saved you the disappointment. Their uni risotto is quite good.

          Sushi/tempura: Hide Sushi is a good, reliable standard. Be prepared to wait, and bring cash (no credit cards accepted). Place Yuu (310-478-7450, in the same mini-mall as Blue Marlin) serves excellent, higher-grade sushi, tempura, and more "adventurous" Japanese iazakaya-style cuisine. They open until 1AM. It's also a tad more expensive. Kid-friendly, I believe.

          I've had bad experiences at Sawtelle Kitchen before, so I personally don't recommend it.

          As for Chinese food, Hong Kong Express (again, in the same mini-mall) is about the only decent Chinese place on that stretch of Sawtelle.

          Good luck!

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            can't talk...eating

            Though not really the place for Chinese, there is a decent bbq and seafood restaurant - Hop Woo - with the requisite hanging ducks and pork pieces at Olympic and Sepulveda, a short walk from the Sawtelle Corridor. The roast duck over rice is really good, as are the "Singapore noodles" (curry-flavored rice noodles w/ vegetables and meat). Good, inexpensive lunch specials as well. Not the SGV, but not bad at all.

            Hop Woo
            11110 W. Olympic Blvd.
            (310) 575-3668