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Feb 11, 2010 11:14 AM

Hidden neigbourhood gems in Clairemont?

We're planning to move to Clairemont in a few months and I just wondered if anyone had any surprising tips on bars/restaurants? I know we've got lots of fun choices down on Convoy but any other favorites? I think we'll end up driving/cabbing around a lot more but I thought I'd ask just in case!

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  1. Arely French Bakery Cafe and Woody's (a chili dog place that makes an *excellent* Pastrami sandwich and *great* shakes). In the Clairmont Mall, on either side of Pick Up Stix, just across parking lot from Outback.

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    1. If you don't mind ethnic, I'd recommend Little Lamb Mongolian Hot Pot. It's a different style of Shabu Shabu.

      1. Fat Tony's Pizza on Diane, just off of Clairemont Mesa good a NY style pizza as any in SD. Fantastic place to have so close.

        Pretty useful dive bar in Diane Shopping Center called The Watering Hole. In same complex there's a "Donut Shop" that features Mexican pasteles, excellent tortas and raspados.

        Los Palmitos Taco Shop in the Fart & Smile (Smart & Final) strip mall and Las Playitas for Cocteles Mariscos - their Vuelve a la Vida is the bomb - in the same mall.

        Arely's makes what I consider to be the best croissant in SD. Their sandwiches are pretty useless though.

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          I'll second La Playita for the Vuelve a la Vida. I tried to grab one today after a Smart and Final run, but the tiny place was packed with 15-20 blue hairs, and a minibus from one of the assisted living facilities was parked out front. What the hell?

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            Don't forget Ba Ren, right next to Fat Tony's on Diane. My intro to this site was reading KirkK's posts on this HOT new Szechuan restaurant in Clairemont. I've been a fan of this site, and and an FOY (fan of yoso) ever since.